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  1. I have now had both doses of the vaccine, no side effects from either aside from arm pain at the injection point for a few hours.
  2. Photograph self shot of a pre lockdown 2020 visit to the "Apple"
  3. @DrewDale I saw these perform at a festival a couple of years ago, full on energy from start to finish from these guys. I never moved that much when I was in my 20's, I would be dead if I tried doing that.
  4. @DrewDale Also as a footnote, I do remember seeing you perform at horseguards parade, London in 1998 with Mike Oldfield on his Tubular Bells III tour (I have just watched a video of said performance) only thing I can say about it, is keyboard players are not supposed to dance too much on stage (enigmatic and cool remember 😂) Good performance though. I have heard that working with him can be difficult though?
  5. Thank you @DrewDale for your kind words, it's humbling to know that something that started life as a bunch of rough idea's on note paper, can end up influencing or changing the direction in peoples lives.
  6. Former recording artist, now studio owner / music producer.
  7. Thanks @DrewDale for the inspiration. Inner Shadow, Conditional hue/saturation, NoiseChoice, Times New roman Font.
  8. @Pixey & @nitenurse79 thanks for raising the question, thanks also @null54 for the solution, i also had the same problem, now fixed. 👍
  9. Nice to see you active again @nitenurse79 and to agree with others, a very pretty lady.
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