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  1. @Pixey & @nitenurse79 thanks for raising the question, thanks also @null54 for the solution, i also had the same problem, now fixed. 👍
  2. Nice to see you active again @nitenurse79 and to agree with others, a very pretty lady.
  3. I must say I never expected @welshblue to look like he does either. Some very cool looking dudes and dudesses on here. The sand of time hasn't been kind to me over the years. 😂
  4. It was this image, I don't recall where I got it from, sorry.
  5. Fantastic plugin sir. Just a quick play so far - Sketch & Drop Shadow and then added > Object > Drop Shadow. Much fun to be had in further days.
  6. A Happy Birthday that man @mottoman Here's to your health and an excellent day too.
  7. This looks interesting, some great example images posted too. Thanks for the creation @Red ochre
  8. Congratulations @Woodsy @Pixey and @Seerose on wins and places. I hope to join back in with the fun again soon. Very good entries from all. Great hosting from @Pixey as ever.
  9. Was just about to link to pyro's plugin Ninjad by @Pixey
  10. Well done DrewDale, lynxster4 and Pixey on places. Very creative entries from everyone involved. Thanks for hosting Pixey.
  11. Photo of the Wife jogging in the rain while I sit in the warmth
  12. A useful addition to my adjustment plugins, thanks for the work.
  13. Always a pleasure trying out a new plugin from you Red. Thanks for the work you put into them
  14. Great effects to be had. Cheers ReMake.
  15. This looks like a very interesting technique ReMake. Thank you for writing this tutorial
  16. As a work around, try hiding your taskbar, this will give you access to the lower controls
  17. Creative entrants in the Bugs & Insects comp, good luck all. I hope to take part again pretty soon.
  18. Just select "save" to keep the original PDN file and if you must select "save as" to make it into a different format. If you are working on a multi-layer image and you opt to save as paint.net will give you a prompt to flatten the image and the option to cancel. I only flatten / save as a PNG when I have finished what I was working on, even then I often chose to save the PDN file at regular intervals. As for a checkbox to give you the option to keep the current image open, i have never seen a feature request for this.
  19. Hello. Perhaps This Article may be of help ?
  20. Well done Pixey, well done also MJW. A great variety of entries once more, fun topic, well hosted, thanks Drew for your input on here.
  21. Two parrots on a perch... One says to the other "can you smell fish?" I'll show myself out
  22. Nice selection of entries. Well done MJW. Well done also to the runners up and placers, another fun comp. Thanks for the hosting Drew.