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Alias Plugin (Feather's New Best Friend!)

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Not to rain on your parade, but this effect can easily be done with Curves+...

Also, depending on the curve you can eliminate multiple portions of the transparent area at once AND even keep the anti-aliasing if you want...




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My plugin is limited to Code Lab so I would have no reasonable way of checking for Feather, yet I can always create a check box to run Feather on default settings. Perhaps BoltBait should include the functionality of my plugin in his plugin?

Other than that, any other feature suggestions?


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Not to rain on your parade, but this effect can easily be done with Curves+...

You can also do this with my Transparency Adjustment plugin... But, this seems more convenient since it is in the same menu.


You know, you can kinda do the same thing with the Transparency plugin.

But your's is more flexible and made for this task.

Good job, thanks.


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This is also very useful for Basic Antialias (my antialiasing effect of choice, no offense BoltBait), because it doesn't work with any transparent pixels at the edges. Thanks Mike.

Call me expired. Please.


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I am a Japanese PDN Plugin tester. (This is a joke)

this is my opinion, how about the initial value for 255?

There is the case that need alias such as the MS Paint.

The beginner cannot manage a curve.

Kids seem not to be able to use the select tool well, too.

please watch my video.


I think that this is very good plugin.

(Translation = YAHOO text translation+my poor English)

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It operates on groups of pixels (objects) with an edge that borders a transparent area. The Object needs to be on a layer which is otherwise transparent.


BTW: Alias does not smooth  edges. Quite the opposite. It removes smoothing (antialiasing) so you can reapply it with another plugin (like Feather).


Think of it like this: you have a circle on a transparent layer. If you blur the circle, it will get a fuzzy edge. Alias removes this fuzzyness restoring (almost) the original pixelated edge.

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