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  1. The download link in the first post still works. Please don't re-host without permission. If my site ever goes down, try the Wayback Machine.
  2. Here's an alternative link: https://web.archive.org/web/20141021181509/https://www.isimonbrown.co.uk/pdn-templates/
  3. That's odd, can you try again? Can you access https://www.isimonbrown.co.uk/ ?
  4. View tutorial This tutorial explains how to create image templates for paint.net.
  5. CBM uses the filetype plugins installed to load brushes.
  6. Sorry about that. I also posted in the CustomBrushesMini thread that an update had been posted. Apart from updating the date in the plugin pack thread, is there anything else I can do to make it clear? Since 4.0 hadn't been released when I posted the update, I made sure the plugins supported 3.5.11 as well. However, support for 3.5.11 may be dropped in the next update. I've added a notice that the plugins should work in 4.0 and 3.5.11.
  7. A stable version has been published in the plugins section. Loading multiple layers as separate brushes hasn't been implemented, but may be considered for a later version.
  8. Would having that behaviour for few specific filetypes be sufficient? Is abr the main one you have in mind?
  9. CustomBrushesMini doesn't work in v4 at the moment. I plan to release a new version when I have time (which should be before the stable version is released).
  10. View tutorial This tutorial explains how to run paint.net on a Mac using VirtualBox.
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