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  1. The download link in the first post still works. Please don't re-host without permission. If my site ever goes down, try the Wayback Machine.
  2. CBM uses the filetype plugins installed to load brushes.
  3. What about Google Checkout/Amazon Payments? Or Stripe if you have a payment page.
  4. It will be possible to upgrade to Windows 8 for a relatively low price.
  5. Assuming you haven't set a BIOS password and your hard disk isn't encrypted, just boot a Ubuntu live CD and copy your data on to a USB key or something.
  6. You can get one for £281 ($435). Or $350 (£226) in the US.
  7. If you have time. I hope there (isn't) an easier way.
  8. Could you update the Bullet Effect?? I liked the old one...

  9. If you just want to block javascript on certain sites, Chrome can do that without an extension.
  10. It's already had a popular submission (but not specifically for Paint.NET).
  11. Only Firefox and Opera currently support APNG, unless you use APNG canvas.
  12. There isn't. What do you want to remove? If it's objectively unhelpful I may be able to blacklist it in an update.
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