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  1. Oh my gosh.. You people have absolutely, beyond a shadow of a doubt, no idea how much this means to me. Even after I acted the way I did. I just want to say I had growing up to do, and now (as zealous as this is going to sound) my experiences have helped me do that. The whole thing was totally unnecessary and incredibly childish on my part, and I sincerely apologize to those whom I was utterly inhuman towards. I don't want any of this to seem self-centered, but obviously I left a trail of confusion in my wake. What I did was step back, not just on minor things like the internet, but life i
  2. I don't want to be here because of certain people. I will always be at dA. The reason for this happened out of the praying eyes of posts. That is why it seems random.
  3. Goodbye pdn. I am not saying anything further on the matter.
  4. Weave by Ed Harvey possibly? Or lattice by the same author?
  5. You should seriously change that. It's not a way of business as much as it is a turn off to potential members.
  6. dA v6 is just epic. Truly epic. I'm awestruck.
  7. Oh. How very interesting.. for a month or so it appeared Zymic has murdered my files. After that I just forgot about it completely. I'm a ditz.
  8. ^Which doesn't exist anymore. And like I've said before - I adore rain. It's the only thing that can calm and relax me in seconds. I'm the guy who is running out into his yard and sitting in the rain providing there's no danger involved.
  9. The whole keep moving thing is only when you're really cold.. and I still can't agree with it as exhaustion to keep yourself warm just seems silly.
  10. Your school is dangerous from reading about all the times you've gotten hurt
  11. There's only a spell that teleports you to your opponent whilst within bounty hunter. There is no spell that teleports you from the outside into the bh arena.
  12. I've been wanting to dye my hair blue. What do you use to do it with Jake? Yes, I'm discussing hair products
  13. I think you mean "I was walking through the wilderness in Runescape in a Bounty Hunter-specific world and saw a cave and went in and got killed." >_> <_<
  14. Well... odd dreams last night: 1. I had two friends I don't know in real life and they left me with two dogs plus my one dog I own. I went out to the car and it was raining and the dogs escaped, except mine. I chased after them but when I decided to put my dog in the house (or whatever building it was.. looked like a store( the police had taken the other two dogs and put them to sleep on the grounds of no owner or something stupid. I went to some official evidence building and had a sort of meeting where I basically told them all off for putting to sleep my friend's two healthy dogs when I w
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