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  1. Wow, dpy! I'm impressed. You really have some paint.net skillz:

  2. I have a question about next ver of CodeLab. The plug-ins that are built by next ver of codeLab at pdn v4, Can I use it at pdn v3.5? Now ,The plug-ins that are built by codeLab in v4, it does not appear in Paint.net3.5. I needed to rebuild by CodeLab in Paint.net3.5 In order to use plugin at 3.5.
  3. Since there is a problem, Rotate / Zoom + was fixed
  4. setpack update text+ has been redesigned Rotate/Zoom+ works on PDNv4 enjoy!
  5. To AncestryInsider Thank you Yes , I was distributed the channel mixer in my site at past.(only Japan) But , it was the practice of plugin , when I started making the plug-in. It is over. There is no new version, and it does not even support. As EER written, my official plugins are only here.
  6. I get it now too. It is Warping, rubber stretching !  I am looking forward to the Dual system
  7. yes and please compare to those of other similar PS: Thank you new pack !
  8. Thank you greate plugin pack! I have asked only 2 1. Not "Zip in Zip" please "dll in Zip" 2.Result of "Distort This!" is different that "Rotate / Zoom" and "Perspective"( My plugin ) Please try with the wire mesh(like example of "Fish Eye Plugin")
  9. I tried Various, I could not get the same results. However, your pdn crashed. It is the truth and I believe. Now, I was not able to determine the cause, Thank you for your report. If we had De Lorean・・・
  10. It was a real shame to hear that your work has been lost. BoltBate judgment is correct. Because, trouble happened with my plug-ins. But, unfortunately, I do not know the cause. Please tell me the situation you are having trouble. OS, PDNVer, plug-in Ver, canvas size, (*** x *** px) My PC I using OS WinXp sp3 (32bit 2GB), Win7 (32bit 4GB), Win7 (64bit 8GB) I am not using Win8 PDN Ver 3.5.10 only I do not know whether I will be able to resolve this problem in my skills. (Maybe you know , sorry, my english is no good)
  11. Thank you Bruce I tried the new version. No problem ! Thank you for the great plug-in
  12. Hello Bruce I like this plug-in. Today, I might have found a bug of Motion Blur. There is trouble on large size image. This image was expanded to 200% of the sample of Win7. (1024x768)> (2048x1536) And I use at about 90 degrees (GPU) MotionBlur. A similar result was also about -90 degrees. The original size (1024x768), but this is not a problem. My PC pdn v3.5.10 Hardware Accelerated Blur Pack v2.3 win 7 Core i3 RAM 8GB NVIDIA GeForce GT 640 dpy Reported.
  13. All my plug-ins are made using the CodeLab. http://forums.getpai...advanced-users/ UI made ​​by CodeLab can not be customized. Priority to change the color of text in a plug-in is low for me. When you use the text plug-in, please draw in black or white to a new layer. Use such as a curve, you can change the color at any time. The new text plug-in , it will coming soon. It may be different from what you want, it has the option to change color. (I do not know english well. My "Word" is japanese version. I do not know "thin". This is using the WEB translation.)
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