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  1. Wow, dpy! I'm impressed. You really have some paint.net skillz:

  2. I have a question about next ver of CodeLab. The plug-ins that are built by next ver of codeLab at pdn v4, Can I use it at pdn v3.5? Now ,The plug-ins that are built by codeLab in v4, it does not appear in Paint.net3.5. I needed to rebuild by CodeLab in Paint.net3.5 In order to use plugin at 3.5.
  3. Since there is a problem, Rotate / Zoom + was fixed
  4. setpack update text+ has been redesigned Rotate/Zoom+ works on PDNv4 enjoy!
  5. To AncestryInsider Thank you Yes , I was distributed the channel mixer in my site at past.(only Japan) But , it was the practice of plugin , when I started making the plug-in. It is over. There is no new version, and it does not even support. As EER written, my official plugins are only here.
  6. I get it now too. It is Warping, rubber stretching !  I am looking forward to the Dual system
  7. yes and please compare to those of other similar PS: Thank you new pack !
  8. Thank you greate plugin pack! I have asked only 2 1. Not "Zip in Zip" please "dll in Zip" 2.Result of "Distort This!" is different that "Rotate / Zoom" and "Perspective"( My plugin ) Please try with the wire mesh(like example of "Fish Eye Plugin")
  9. I tried Various, I could not get the same results. However, your pdn crashed. It is the truth and I believe. Now, I was not able to determine the cause, Thank you for your report. If we had De Lorean・・・
  10. It was a real shame to hear that your work has been lost. BoltBate judgment is correct. Because, trouble happened with my plug-ins. But, unfortunately, I do not know the cause. Please tell me the situation you are having trouble. OS, PDNVer, plug-in Ver, canvas size, (*** x *** px) My PC I using OS WinXp sp3 (32bit 2GB), Win7 (32bit 4GB), Win7 (64bit 8GB) I am not using Win8 PDN Ver 3.5.10 only I do not know whether I will be able to resolve this problem in my skills. (Maybe you know , sorry, my english is no good)
  11. All my plug-ins are made using the CodeLab. http://forums.getpai...advanced-users/ UI made ​​by CodeLab can not be customized. Priority to change the color of text in a plug-in is low for me. When you use the text plug-in, please draw in black or white to a new layer. Use such as a curve, you can change the color at any time. The new text plug-in , it will coming soon. It may be different from what you want, it has the option to change color. (I do not know english well. My "Word" is japanese version. I do not know "thin". This is using the WEB translation.)
  12. Hi frmys Thank you for the suggestions. It's easy. However, since the UI is too long, that option was not added. if many people want it , i might add it next time. I have a plan to publish the plug-in for the placement of text. Now ,although only in Japan, I have published a plug-in for placing character of japanese. Text+ http://paintnet.web....py/textplus.htm It can be specified in pixels between line spacing and character. This plug-in also can use horizontal writing . But now , in the other font(non-japanese font), they are not positioned correctly sometimes. I would like
  13. I did not know it. Try a little study. Thank you , null54
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