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    MODERATORS NOTE: This effect is incompatible with Paint.NET 4.0x Download SubtleEffect Advanced Menu There are many effects availible that lack an intensity slider, many of which you may wish for such a feature. This plugin allows you to select a plugin along with the opacity of which it will hold over the origional image.
  2. Secure Download If you get a warning, try the unencrypted download. Here is a plugin to open and save animated GIFs/PNGs, one frame into each layer. You will have to rename the files to .agif or .apng to be imported and rename them after saving. [ I did this to avoid conflict with the built-in file handlers as animated GIFs have the same extension as normal GIFs. can already open normal GIFs, so we can't use the standard GIF extension as's native handler would take preference. I used .agif instead. To get it to work you must rename .gif files to .agif before opening, and .agif files to .gif after saving.] If the APNGs being produced aren't small enough, try running them through APNG optimizer. Animated GIF: Animated PNG (works in Firefox and Opera): You can also show APNGs in Chrome, IE9 and Safari with this.
  3. Download CustomBrushesMini Effects -> Tools Use custom brushes with Paint.NET. .............................. ThatOtherApp Effects -> Tools Edit the current layer in another program without jumping through hoops. .............................. Printer+ Effects -> Tools Print and Print Preview the current layer using the standard Windows dialogs. .............................. Animated Image FileType Supports animated GIF and APNG. .............................. Find Edges Effects -> Artistic -> Find Edges Shows the edges of an image. .............................. Olden Effects -> Photo -> Olden Sepia with bells and whistles. .............................. Editable Text Effects -> Tools -> Editable Text Draw text that can be edited (works using steganography). Delete sabrown100_re_editable_text_beta.dll (if it's there), as it has been renamed. .............................. Extend Border Effects -> Distort -> Extend border Does what it says on the tin. .............................. DragFrom Effects -> Tools -> DragFrom Upload your images using drag-and-drop. .............................. Also consider these plugins: NormalMapPlus Chequerboard
  4. Secure Download If you get a warning, try the unencrypted download. An often-requested feature now included in Popular Feature Requests is the ability to re-edit text. This plugin is an alternative text-tool that includes that feature. It works by using Steganography to store the details of the text in the text layer. To add text to an image, create a new layer and click Effects -> Tools -> Editable Text. Then enter the text and text style. To edit the text, simply run the plugin again. Do not make any changes to that layer apart from layer properties and editing the text with this plugin.
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    PaletteConverter BETA

    Go to Download Page Forum-hosted zip: 512 downloads This program intended to be used alongside Paint.NET converts and edits palettes. It can import PDN, PSP and Kuler palettes and save PDN palettes. Minimum system requirements: [*:2b8rutfz]Windows XP [*:2b8rutfz].NET framework 3.5 As this is BETA software, I recommend creating a system restore point before installation.
  6. So far there have been over eight threads in GD&Q asking how to create a collage of several photos: this tutorial is intended to answer that. It also serves as a rudimentary introduction to layers. There have already been several tutorials in this area, however, I believe that the interactive tutorial medium will make understanding how to do this easier. View tutorial
  7. Simon Brown

    NormalMapPlus v1.0

    MODERATORS NOTE: this plugin has been superseded by a newer version: Based on harold's public domain plugin that he no longer supports (LINK). Note that the source is based on output from Reflector and i've done little so far besides getting it working. Source Download (Click
  8. Secure Download If you get a warning, try the unencrypted download. Get brushes How to use: tutorial
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    Olden 1.5

    Secure Download If you get a warning, try the unencrypted download. (Photo menu) Before: After:
  10. Download AVI Frame Importer: AVIImport Sometimes you may wish to use a frame of your home video to edit and print out - it would be a pain to go into WMM and import the video, put it on the timeline, and export the frame then open it in Paint.NET. This plugin allows Paint.NET to open an AVI file and then you can choose a frame to open. The plugin is attached. To Install, simply unzip and run the installer. This plugin can only open files that the windows avi library can. I have scanned the file with Norton Internet Security and it has found no threats but can in no way be sure that the plugin is free from security threats and for this reason cannot be responsible for any viruses, spyware or other threats included with this plugin without my knowledge. ==Updates== 2.1: The update includes bigger thumbnails and a few bug fixes. 2.3: This update allows default trackbar position customisation, thumbnail size customisation and fixes a glitch. 2.4: Makes this customisation easier. 2.5: Solves a plugin conflict bug (Notice: Do not try to save under this type as it will not work. I just used it to solve the problem). 3.0: Ability to export as video; Window Now Resizable; Improved Asthetics 3.1: Fixes a window resize glitch 4.0: Ability to save and open video files as a "filmstrip" Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
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    That other app v2.2

    Secure Download If you get a warning, try the unencrypted download. Despite the brilliance of Paint.NET, sometimes another program is needed to add something to a Paint.NET project. TOA adds an item to the tools menu which allows you to select one of several applications in which the current layer will be opened. That application can then be used to make adjustments, save and when it is closed and you click OK to the dialog - the changes will appear in Paint.NET. The above image has the icons replaced with generic ones. To use, just click an icon.
  12. Here you can share custom brushes for the Custom Brush Plugin.
  13. Simon Brown

    ConditionalPen 1.1

    Download ConditionalPen 1.1 Tools Menu Do you wish to paint in a certain area of an image that cannot easily be selected? Do you wish to only draw on the lighter parts of the image? ConditionalPen allows you to select minimum and maximum values from the HSV spectrum in a similar way to Conditional Hue/Saturation, but rather than allowing the user to apply that effect to the image, it instead provides a brush that will only function when the pixel is within the given threshold.
  14. Simon Brown

    Resource Portal for New Users

    Are you a new user of Paint.NET? I have compiled a portal of resource links to help you begin using the program. Learning to use the program Help File Paint.NET Interactive Tutorial Collage Tutorial Writing Plugins BoltBait's Plugin Tutorial Improving your practices PDN Tips and Tricks Adding stock to your image PlanetRenders CodeEmber StockXChng...lin Other graphics communities DeviantArt Finding Tutorials Tag Video Tutorials TopHATSlash PaintDotNet DeviantArt Group If you have a link you believe should be included simply make a post relating to it in this thread.
  15. This tutorial shows you how to use rules in IndirectUI to selectively disable controls and create a "constrain sliders" option. I wrote this a while ago in response to a question by Cookies, but I decided I should publish it properly. View tutorial
  16. Paint.NET The Unofficial User Guide Download Do you wish to look into tutorials but are stuck with a dial-up connection? Do you prefer reading hard-copies to staring at a computer screen? Or do you simply want an easy path of tutorials to follow rather than finding each one? Here is an unofficial collection of 12 tutorials on using Paint.NET for both creating images from scratch and photo-editing. I ask that you thank the individual authors credited inside the tutorial, rather than me, for this. As I simply put it together. And yes, I have permission. See the document itself for copyright info.
  17. As-of Paint.NET 3.5.2. This information is not official and some parts may be slightly inaccurate. Non plugin authors often don't know what is and isn't possible when writing plugins - so hopefully this should be helpful to users wishing to suggest plugins. Effects Effects can only access the current layer. Effects can only access the current image. Effects cannot know or change the blend mode or transparency of a layer. Effects can blend two images using transparency and blend modes. Effects can read the whole layer, even if part of it is selected. If part of a layer is selected, effects can only change that part. Although effects can't be tools or anything, they can show a new dialog to draw on. Effects can save files, but only with the information they have (see above) and they can't make the file they save the current FileName. Effects have no control over the UI other than the ability to add items and categories to the effects and adjustments menus. Effects can not change the shape of the selection or which pixels are selected. Most effects need to be heavily modified before they can run outside Paint.NET. Effects can open files and read them from your harddrive or Internet URL. Effects can read the Windows clipboard. As of 4.0.6:Effects can read all of the color values in the current and default palette Effects can add a [?] button to the effect's IndirectUI for adding a help file FileTypes (Opening)FileTypes don't know the location of the image they're opening. FileTypes can create as many layers as they want and change opacity and blend modes. FileTypes must open some image. FileTypes have no control over the open dialog. FileTypes (Saving)FileTypes don't know the location of the image they're saving to. FileTypes can read all layers, opacity and blend modes. FileTypes have to save a file unless the user clicks "cancel," even if it is empty - this is frowned upon by Rick. FileTypes have no control over the save dialog. I hope this helps.
  18. The download link in the first post still works. Please don't re-host without permission. If my site ever goes down, try the Wayback Machine.
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    Creating templates for

    View tutorial This tutorial explains how to create image templates for
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    Creating templates for

    Here's an alternative link:
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    Creating templates for

    That's odd, can you try again? Can you access ?
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    Printer+ v1.5

    Secure Download If you get a warning, try the unencrypted download. Many people have expressed their dislike with the Paint.NET printing interface, so I have written a plugin that allows images to be printed using a similar interface to MS Paint. To print something out using this plugin, merge all layers then click Effects -> Tools -> Printer+. More screenshots: Hidden Content:
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    'Portable Document Format' FileType Plugin (.PDF)

    CBM uses the filetype plugins installed to load brushes.