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  1. Pretty bored. Name: Bob Power: Assembles sandwiches at will (all classes). Skills: Eating said sandwiches. Looks: Short boy with medium length messy hair. Side: Evil :twisted:
  2. I love the new layout, it's much better than the Centralised Column of Compression it used to be. It's nice to breathe.I've found I'm one of few who embrace this new change. Saying that, I only had the old layout for a day or so, being new to Facebook. I saw a new version was out for testing, so I figured 'now I'll be spending more time on here I might as well get used to this one'. But I can understand why some of the more entrenched users of Facebook might not appreciate it the same way. Same here ... :shock:
  3. Cool, my mom's tablet supports pressure sensitivity in PDN.
  4. My laptop's charger broke and now I can't use it ... At least I was able to get PDN and other essentials onto my USB drive so I could port it over to my mom's tablet. But I won't be as active anymore because I'll have to be sharing this with my mom, as well as school work.
  5. Actually, Aeonix will be starting the next LAOTW tomorrow, I believe.
  6. Thank you Bob. You as well, carazon. However, there is no tutorial on how to create the effect in my sig, as I converted a Photoshop tutorial in order to create it. It consisted of many layers of clouds set to different blending modes. I'll try and make a tut if I have time, but high school just started a few weeks ago, so I may or may not have the time to.
  7. Or, you could look at the bright side (this is the Sanctuary after all), and say that it inspires and motivates you to get better so you can match and surpass me? :o
  8. Having read LFC's post, I just checked mine, I have around 6k. But I haven't posted any new work in there for a while so ... meh.
  9. The whole "No tech support allowed" kind of thing?
  10. If aeonix really wants to host the LAOTW that much, then I'll turn it over to him. It's not that big of a deal to me.
  11. It's nice that you're entering competitions and such, but: 1. The deadline for this competition is already over, the next one should be starting soon. 2. At least one of your stocks is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial No Derivatives license, so technically your creation is kind of, sort of ... illegal. :o
  12. Actually, I was talking to Mike on AIM, and he asked me if I wanted to host the LAOTW. :o He also stated that Max Power won the last competition (#4).
  13. To get rid of a solid colored background, just hit: Magic Wand, Click on the solid color background and Delete (Clear Selection) For more complicated images, you might want to use Alpha Masking, or search for Cutting out Images the Easy Way. However, as of right now, PDN does not have an advanced render effect for lighting and lens flares and such.
  14. This is the positive attitude everyone should have. I'm sure the new stuff will be bigger and better. Good luck! Hey guys, this is the rants thread. No happy stuff allowed. :evil:
  15. This post is in the wrong forum. The title clearly states that this forum is for tutorial publishing only.
  16. Hehe, you're welcome. :wink: Also ... http://HasTheLargeHadronColliderDestroyedTheWorldYet.com
  17. I've got a month or so left of braces. Then to the retainers, which I've heard are bad, but my brother didn't seem to mind them. So I don't know what to expect ...
  18. If you want others to actually be able to see the image on the web, flatten your .PDN file, go to File > Save As, and save as a PNG. Then upload it to Photobucket/Imageshack/your image host of choice.
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