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  1. i finnaly have a mouse! been sick of using the touchpad when im sat in an awkward position for a while! and now my mouse solves this problem!
  2. very nice! 8/10 like the effects, but im not too fond of the dent parts
  3. looks nice, but it feels like its missing something, and the main focal is slightly blured, effects are very nice though 8/10
  4. thanks Frontcannon, chrisco97 and barbieq25
  5. really like the gaia os, but im not to fond of the wavy clock hands id prefer them to be a bit more minimal
  6. im thinking of updating my gallery... [edit] done it
  7. looks nice, good effect with the border, text placed quite well, id move it more into the bottom left corner though, although there doesnt seem to be a lot going on, maybe add some lighting here and there, maybe some shadows too? 7.5/10 edit: you beat me to it looks nice, but not a lot going on, and the nothing escapes him isnt very well placed imo, and maybe have it the same colour as the sherlock holmes title? he could do with a bit of blending to 7/10
  8. very nice, simple, clean, telephone box seems to have some slight perspective issues but otherwise great! 8/10 rate current:
  9. that song is simply amazing! on topic: i had several thorns in my hand that i had to get out =/
  10. i dont like having lots on my desktop but theres another dock hidden to the left with all the programs i use i was listening to: the blank (16 bit remix) by skism
  11. im going to be going to college and im 16? and on topic ofcourse (although going to college is a good thing ) ive done all my enlgish exams, my maths and one science i think ive done well in pretty much all of them just got some more science left and some geography and on another note, recently got pendulums album, cant stop listening to the island part 2 and self vs self
  12. if you like that, you should listen to 16 bits milky pie mix milky pie mix
  13. it was pretty decent. ive listened to the chemical brothers before but i didnt like it. this on the other hand it could of done with a break or something but it was quite good 8/10 Backlash i would give you a proper link to the page its from but theres quite a lot of language on the comments etc its in the charts of 8bc at the moment
  14. its quite formal, and looks great on your site although the bottom part of torched is quite off putting, it looks individual, but odd 8/10
  15. my psp sort of broke ages ago, so i didnt use it much, but ive just bought my friends psp
  16. its alright, but there isnt really a background, i think its blended quite well though, it almost looks as if hes running 6/10 Rate current please
  17. I have most of the morning off school every thursday, i have to go in at 1 oclock for 2 lessons
  18. id say about a 5/10 it looks quite good, its just that it seems to of just been almost 'slapped' together, i recommend trying to blend the images together a bit more. But i think that the font and border work quite well. Rate my current please
  19. i thought it was quite good so a 7/10, i like weird al and he has a lot of talent, but i wouldnt say its a song id ever listen to properly, maybe now and then for a joke but yeah Song:
  20. I dont like coffee, but i have a feeling it will grow on me when i start college xD even though i will always find tea better
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