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  1. I'm guessing you are currently studying the origin of the universe (i.e. Big Bang)? (I jest, I jest!)
  2. I'm sorry, are you talking to me? I'm certainly not claiming *shels to be a groundbreaking band on the bleeding edge of progressive music. They exist in a genre pioneered in the late 90s to early 2000s. I can provide you with some very progressive music, but typically it has not been meant with a warm reception here on the forums (for obvious reasons). For instance, take this Kayo Dot song, one of my favorites: Edit: lyrics are important to the song: http://www.songmeanings.net/songs/view/3530822107858892214/
  3. Excellent song selection, Pyro. I've been stuck on this post metal gem recently: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKiXGXpxZYI
  4. As a Colorado native, I can confirm this. Looking forward to visiting for a few weeks this Christmas. Rant time: Long term clients should be banned from creating 'emergency projects' if they directly conflict with school work.
  5. It was excellent. They mostly played material from their new album, and while it is a good album I think I'd have liked to hear some more of their older material. They are way heavier live, which was a pleasant surprise to me. Also, they played this previously unreleased track which is absolutely excellent:
  6. The genre you are looking for is Post Rock. If you like this, you should check into other bands. Some of the greats in the genre include the Red Sparowes (intentional spelling), A Silver Mt. Zion, Sigur Ros, and the kings of the genre: Godspeed You! Black Emperor (of whom I recently got to see live). There's also post metal, but I don't know how heavy you like your music.
  7. That sounds extremely unpleasant. I am sorry you were the one to break the news to them. Death certainly puts life into perspective. That being said, it wasn't right of you to try and trivialize AGJM's bullying incident. Just because you had to go through something very difficult doesn't mean AGJM isn't allowed to vent about his own personal frustrations.
  8. I just launched a Magic: the Gathering webapp! I know there aren't very many MTG players on these forums, but I'm pretty proud of it: http://www.spoilerseason.com Designed in Paint.NET, the web app is pretty simple: new Magic: the Gathering cards come out in 'sets'. Typically, there are four sets every year (one core, three as part of a thematic block). Since there is a lot of interest surrounding Magic: the Gathering and the tournament environment, players love looking at the new cards before they are released. The problem was, before Spoiler Season, the spoilers would be EVERYWHERE with no
  9. I've figured it out. If I open a Metro-style app on one screen (this is a multi-monitor setup) and use Paint.NET on the other, then Windows Explorer starts crashing.
  10. It might be external of Paint.NET, but no other open application is affected by it and it always happens while I am using Paint.NET. Do you have any idea as to what I might be able to do to try and find out what's causing this next time it occurs?
  11. Every once in a while there comes a point in which I can't use any of the menus without Windows Explorer crashing, which in turn causes the menus to disappear. No file, edit, view, image, layers, adjustments, effects, utilities, window, or help until I restart my computer. This only occurs in Paint.NET. It has happened to me numerous times, but I cannot seem to find a cause for this or any way to reproduce it. I planned on posting about it on Tuesday if I couldn't resolve the issue, but I've let the cat out of the bag a little early. On the brighter side, it's a lot of fun! How quickly can I
  12. Another thing they seemed to fix up in Windows 8 is pasting a transparent PNG into Paint.NET works as expected. This alone was worth the upgrade. Of course, there is a serious Paint.NET bug that I want to report that I can't seem to figure out how to reproduce yet, but that is beside the point.
  13. Thanks! It's from a series of digital abstracts I did for AP Art back in high school. You can grab a larger version here: https://dl.dropbox.com/s/um3ozteqlkq8hnv/background.png?dl=1 And of course, it's 100% Paint.NET
  14. Assuming you aren't pulling my leg, what set are they from and how do you plan on selling them?
  15. I know Boltbait has a decent collection of Magic cards. Perhaps he needs someone to dust off, catalogue, and organize all of them?
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