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The Pictorium! Post your created or edited images here!


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I need to learn how to use Terragen. That's amazing... :shock: x20

I've decided to start working on a new S3D project. A drumset again, but much larger and from behind the set and with a lot more detail (the last one, admittedly, was just a bunch of cylinders vaguely positioned over each other.). ... Wish me luck and inspiration. :)

(Would it be copyright infringement (or possibly sacrilege) to put official brand-names on the cymbals and such?)

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Someone was asking about a pine Christmas tree. Try the gen tree plugin. I love it. I have been working on a tree but it is far from done. It will give you an idea.

That might have been me like 5 pages ago....and yes, I know. I have the gentree plugin. I was thinking about using it....but then again I've had it for six months, been messing around with it ever since I got it, and have made nothing more than a curvy branch with some other branches on it looking like literally nothing :evil: I have no clue how to make anything good out of it. And I can't seem to figure out what keywords to search for to find the original topic. Any tips on what coordinates I should use?

btw, that IS an excellent tree. Try using the Polygon/Stars plugin to make the star on your tree

@wither--no, I don't think so because after all it is a piece of art. Besides, if people haven't been caught copyright infringing for uploading Doctor Who pisodes on youtube, I doubt if they're gonna jail u for it :)

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(Would it be copyright infringement (or possibly sacrilege) to put official brand-names on the cymbals and such?)

Not unless you tried to make money off the images. (That's actually overly simplified, but for all intents and purposes, it's close enough)

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I didn't think it would be copyright infringement, and now I don't feel quite like it's sacrilege now that it's even better than I had hoped. :)

I decided to focus on the cymbals for now. I'm hoping that the color and logo (position wise) is real-ish.


Zildjian logo from here

Also, I've decided to get the texture nailed before I start constructing the drums. One of my favorite color schemes (besides my own white kit) is a red "glitter" effect. This page is the best example I could find. I like the red<-->black gradient of the first set, but want it to feature the 'glitter' of the silver shells below it. Any suggestions?


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Thanks verndewd

worldnewser these were the setting I used numbers from top down, 92, 44, 16, 0, 6, 22. Releif on, inner shadow on and moved to bottom (You just have to play with that one) I don't know how many layers I used, at least 30. A great deal of rotate/zoom duplicating and flipping layers. Canvas 800X1200. Ash's tutorial for tree trunk and believe it or not I used madjik's radial colors plugin for the tree stand. I don't even want to try and explain how I did that. Hope that helps.

Playing with radial colors


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Good morning to everyone. I'm new to computer graphics and image editing. I installed Paint.NET about a month ago and I found it very simple and powerful, so I started playing with it.

This is by now my best work. I'm quite satified with it.


It is 100% pdn.

The wood surface was done with: Noise, Motion Blur, Polar Inversion, Relief, Rotate/Zoom.

The eyeballs with: Clouds, Zoom Blur, Brightness/Contrast, Ellipse, Gaussian Blur, Shape3D.

The light/shadow effects with: Gradient, Ellipse, Gaussian Blur, Primary Color Difference to -Alpha.

At the end, Flatten and Soften Portrait.

I made also my own moon:


I used only Clouds, Sparkles, and Shape3D.

I hope you will like my work.



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