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  1. heyy guys jus' letting you know just got photoshop! (: paint.net will remain in my heart forever! sorry to leave you guys! ill be back soon! byeeeee thanks for paint.net legendary
  2. this will come in so handy, its amazing so awesome! thanks! 5 stars!
  3. Sweeeeeet! Looks awesome! Gotta try that sometime. Could come in verrryyy handy (:
  4. I has questions please! (: If this is in the wrong section or board, i'm sorry! Righto! Question 1.I was just wondering, does anyone have any ideas of a sig I could make involving some kind of game? I'm not sure which but I've ran outta ideas and need help! (: Question 2.Is there any way of making a rainbow eye, completely PDN? No stock images, ive done the Rainbow Eye tutorial, just look at my pics in the pictorium. But is it possible to make a shape 3d rainbow eye using the tutorial on page 1 of tuts but using the rainbow effect. Question 3.How do I turn a person into a realistic looking joker, with the red, side-stretched lips and black eyes and stuff! its hard Please help (: Thanks very much PDN FOREVER! WOOOO!
  5. PLEASE make a tut for this!!!! DUDE ITS AWESOME AND IM A DUMBASS! perfect formula for a tut? xD
  6. some pictures i did a while back these were done using the multi-colored eye tutorial. heres a random picture i did for my myspace. a whore code thingy pretty simple but alright i guess (:
  7. I made this rrhelhound is my original name btw =] enjoy xD
  8. I made these: My versions: and This is the original photo, well, its like the original, couldn't find the exact one again xD =] any good?
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