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  1. Well sleightlly magic inspired me to do something simple and animated.
  2. I wasn't going to expose this to anyone till I'd perfected the Avatar, but having just seen Boo's signature and avatar I feel it looks a little bit cloned.
  3. :shock: Nice skin. Whats it for. Looks like it could be a media player.
  4. Talking of wood, I was going to make a wooden window frame but got bored after making my wood effect...
  5. Yeah thats a good idea maybe just a picture that has to be in it that you have to keep relatively intact so you can tell its the same picture, but you can change it obviously.
  6. Yeah I would agree and I'm one of them. Its can be interpreted in so many ways thats the problem.
  7. Simple and has a relates well to your signature. What else can I say some things are just good because they are. 8/10
  8. I love his signature its great and it fits so well with his name so the empty space works well. No its a totally new image in the same style with a new stock image and new colours and a different creation technique. Anyway... Wither I dunno what it is about your signature the font of your name reminds me of a 3D puzzle I hate, otherwise its nice could do with a more defined boarder. 8/10.
  9. Nice Jake. Theres something wrong with the C4D render me thinks, it just doesn't seem to flow. Something I made to do with a couple of images I've got on stock to do with Placebo and a quote I found. Image 1 Image 2 Its technically not a amazing image but it has a bit of meaning if it effects you. But now days most people are on a drug for something.
  10. The two on the right are to dark and the two on the left to light. Thats my personal opinion.
  11. Hey thats great work I love the wood effect you've got there.
  12. Not to bad, its kinda floating, you might want some more different images with the snow over because you can see the loops maybe order them differently ect.
  13. Nice. Typical use of polar inversion but its still nice. 7/10 Everyone seems to rate quite high, but its all about personal opinion.
  14. 3rd March PISCES 1847 Alexander Graham Bell Born 1845 Florida made the 27th state of the US. (Birth of Florida State) 1878 Bulgaria independent from Ottoman Empire. (Birth of Bulgaria) 1923 Time Magazine published for the first time. (Birth of Time Magazine) 1938 Oil discovered in Saudi Arabia. (What a mistake!) Yeah there was only 1 really famous person so I got some other cool-ish things that happened that year to do with some kind of creation.
  15. You will get to the USA but they will turn you away at immigration. I wish that communism worked.
  16. @ Void & Nab: Great sig and avatars really cool. @ Void: I've been trying the Terragan program since someone brought it up like a week ago and never managed to make anything with it might have to give it another go now.
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