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  1. I see no one else around here with glowy things... so... you mean... my glowy thing? :O yeah! thanks
  2. After using photoshop for a long time i saw the splatter plugin from pyrochild and i realy had to use it So here is my first try to the art of splattering
  3. Paint Shop Pro is horrible. OK, people, it isn't that bad... no... they are right
  4. Thanks! (whow you are fast.. just posted it a minute ago )
  5. I made this avatar for a friend of mine who is a assassins creed fan. Origional:
  6. the last one is verry nice but... jewish? or just only the star
  7. I second to that! those arrows and all the other stuff in it is just amazing :shock:
  8. Maybe a function to be able to choose advance and basic in the choose default settings thing.
  9. I can't realy figure out how it works... :? could someone help?
  10. Whow. this is just the BEST plugin EVER! i always wanted a plugin like this THANKYOU!!!
  11. verry cool i was using codelap to make this but this will be much easier
  12. how manny times do we need to tell not to post your photo's that doesn't have anything to do with Paint.NET?
  13. i'm asking Ash so.. Ash are you going to make a tut on your ice?
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