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  1. Well sleightlly magic inspired me to do something simple and animated.
  2. I wasn't going to expose this to anyone till I'd perfected the Avatar, but having just seen Boo's signature and avatar I feel it looks a little bit cloned.
  3. :shock: Nice skin. Whats it for. Looks like it could be a media player.
  4. Talking of wood, I was going to make a wooden window frame but got bored after making my wood effect...
  5. Yeah thats a good idea maybe just a picture that has to be in it that you have to keep relatively intact so you can tell its the same picture, but you can change it obviously.
  6. Yeah I would agree and I'm one of them. Its can be interpreted in so many ways thats the problem.
  7. Simple and has a relates well to your signature. What else can I say some things are just good because they are. 8/10
  8. I love his signature its great and it fits so well with his name so the empty space works well. No its a totally new image in the same style with a new stock image and new colours and a different creation technique. Anyway... Wither I dunno what it is about your signature the font of your name reminds me of a 3D puzzle I hate, otherwise its nice could do with a more defined boarder. 8/10.
  9. Nice Jake. Theres something wrong with the C4D render me thinks, it just doesn't seem to flow. Something I made to do with a couple of images I've got on stock to do with Placebo and a quote I found. Image 1 Image 2 Its technically not a amazing image but it has a bit of meaning if it effects you. But now days most people are on a drug for something.
  10. The two on the right are to dark and the two on the left to light. Thats my personal opinion.
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