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  1. I want the new thread for the next STOW. It really should be SOTWEAACBBTMAT (Sig of the when ever an admin can be bothered to make a thread) Competition.
  2. I hate how the volume on adverts is louder than that on the programs. I have the TV on as background noise even if I'm listening to music in the background. Makes me feel like theres other people around and I'm not sitting alone in my bedroom. The worst is when its late and you've got the TV down low and all of a sudden so rubbish advert starts blaring out at you. So annoying. I know why they do it but its totally unnecessary. Like High School Musical. I know why they made it, but its so poor, I would rather sit and watch the London 2012 logo flash away then that.
  3. I made my planet. Turned it into a pencil sketch and made it again.
  4. How Rubrica is trying to kill Rick. :shock: Jokes!
  5. That was really badly written. If your going to make a joke at least make it believable by writing it properly.
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