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The Pictorium! Post your created or edited images here!


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Here's a quick 'n' dirty Batman I drew for my lil' bro-in-law...


I like this, it's a style I used to do a lot :)

I would say since it's batman....needs to be darker :D

Other then that, good job!

How's this?


/|Click for larger|\


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I want to!

Nice shading... but maybe you could add shadow to the left-hand side of the right ear? Might add more depth?

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Btw, I love your "Tile floor with rugs", verndewd. Care to make a tutorial? 8)

The secret to the 3d effect in the tiles is grid effect, then drop shadow black , then drop shadow white each with progressively more transparency or blur radius and in the same direction.

The rugs were made by weaving a lattice effect That I turned green with curves. And then by seamless texturing it until it looked like a rug fabric. For the floor I took the same weave and motion blurred at 100 verticle. hit it with sine waves turned it golden with conditional hue and then layed a gradient over it of yellow white and black shadow for windows imagery.

You do realize a tut on this would be massive dont you?

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Weird little project of mine:


I placed a toycar over a background with houses and stuff, and tried to add different amounts of motion blur according to how far away objects were. Didn't turn out to good, so i just started playing around with it, and ended up with the picture above. Didn't really like the outcome, but I thought I'd post it anyways because, well, I'm kinda bored :lol:

These are the pics I used:



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