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  1. I walked through a snowstorm through a dodgy street to a venue to find out the Laroux show I was so excited for was 19+.
  2. Do you promise to shave? Hey, I feel that's all I've been telling you as of late...
  3. I tried Wave for a geography presentation. Didn't work out so well. But sometimes I think "well, it would be nice if all the people I'm working with had Wave...".
  4. Chris, you want your signature to be a scene. The starfield is a good start because it's a fitting background, but your render has a white light coming form the top-right, but the light source in your sig is behind him and it's red.
  5. I tried to do my English reading homework. Five whole pages later, I'm asleep. And it's not even like I don't like Dickens.
  6. The blending is fine. You just need to add effects, like streaks of smudging or c4ds.
  7. Great work on the background, but it seems the way the texture of the planet is applied onto the sphere is weird. It seems there's a lot of lines going like this:
  8. Vertical sigs are fine. I'm sure that's what Flow would have wanted either way.
  9. Yay, the line tool is back! Thanks for that, Rick [Edit] Well, I'm at 1999 posts. Hm.
  10. Okay, from now on you can't enter with the same signature twice. Sorry I was inactive for so long. I vote for yy10. Though you should really get rid of the black border. Skull, the background's a bit messy, so you might want to darken it, and add some smudging near the focal to add more effects. And CSM, draw a thick horizontal line all the way through a square canvas, run Rectangular to Polar and see what happens.
  11. It's generally far more precise. It's a nice complement.
  12. That's beside the point. OP doesn't know what he's talking about but he's giving out advice; Mendo might not have a great sig, but he's not setting rules.
  13. 3OH!3 are electronica producers, they're the ones doing the mixing/production/etc. Or at least they are in the version without Katy Perry.
  14. I disagree, a repetitive song is boring. And I listen to pop. Besides, successful pop songs can be very technical too. As an electronica producer, I can guarantee this isn't easy to make.
  15. ...aaaaand no one knows what emo means here. http://www.myspace.com/mossiconofficial Emo is punk with emotional lyrics. It's not necessarily sad. It doesn't involve razorblades or hair dye.
  16. Neither really look like clouds. Or at least not sky clouds.
  17. You need to have an idea of what would be reflected, draw it in black and white, reshape it so it fits the perspective, set to color dodge, lower the brightness so that it looks good, then alpha-mask the reflections that don't land on the star.
  18. You might not have gotten any. It takes a special breed of failure, but it can be done
  19. Oh, I didn't see that part of your post. Either way, you need more reflections on the gold, sharp ones preferably.
  20. The star doesn't look like gold because it lacks reflections. But the Walk of Fame's stars aren't golden.
  21. I got an odd amount of points on the first game?
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