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  1. The Introduction Thread.

    Hello? Is this thing on?
  2. The <off topic> thread

    Did I give all my 5 points already ?
  3. Happy Birthday, Pyro!

    Happy belated birthday
  4. You mean the language is Bosnian ? Try bs or bos : see (bottom of the box on the right) and
  5. By any chance, can I get my avatar back ? I can't log into the old forum and searching it in my 3TB of data is, erm... no. Anyway, I'm liking this new forum. There will goes some time to get used to it, but there is a few nice small new things. Edit: inline editing = WIN.
  6. The <off topic> thread

    I'm getting used to it.
  7. has set his status

  8. The <off topic> thread

    And we have a winner ! How did you find out ? I found it myself by typing the filename in Google.
  9. The <off topic> thread

    Hey, little game for y'all. This picture is 3 years old and it's still visited 1000 times a month : ... folder.png It's posted in a tutorial somewhere on this forum. But... where is it ??
  10. No, sorry. Use Image > :Resize: Resize instead.
  11. The <off topic> thread

    I really like your writing style.
  12. <spam>

    This is Spam. Please don't reply to it, but report it to the Mods using the little sign.
  13. The <off topic> thread

    Yes. I don't think so.
  14. The <off topic> thread

    Hidden Content: ... _hous.html
  15. Can't Install PDN anymore

    Seems a lot like this thread : viewtopic.php?f=10&t=29020 But no solution found. Be sure to follow all the steps listed there : viewtopic.php?f=10&t=854 Also, let me ask you a few questions : Is it the first time you install Paint.NET ? Are all the latest Windows Updates installed on your system ? What is your antivirus/antispyware vendor ? At which step of the installer did this error happen ? Thank you .