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  1. I walked through a snowstorm through a dodgy street to a venue to find out the Laroux show I was so excited for was 19+.
  2. Do you promise to shave? Hey, I feel that's all I've been telling you as of late...
  3. I tried Wave for a geography presentation. Didn't work out so well. But sometimes I think "well, it would be nice if all the people I'm working with had Wave...".
  4. Chris, you want your signature to be a scene. The starfield is a good start because it's a fitting background, but your render has a white light coming form the top-right, but the light source in your sig is behind him and it's red.
  5. I tried to do my English reading homework. Five whole pages later, I'm asleep. And it's not even like I don't like Dickens.
  6. The blending is fine. You just need to add effects, like streaks of smudging or c4ds.
  7. Yay, the line tool is back! Thanks for that, Rick [Edit] Well, I'm at 1999 posts. Hm.
  8. It's generally far more precise. It's a nice complement.
  9. 3OH!3 are electronica producers, they're the ones doing the mixing/production/etc. Or at least they are in the version without Katy Perry.
  10. I disagree, a repetitive song is boring. And I listen to pop. Besides, successful pop songs can be very technical too. As an electronica producer, I can guarantee this isn't easy to make.
  11. ...aaaaand no one knows what emo means here. http://www.myspace.com/mossiconofficial Emo is punk with emotional lyrics. It's not necessarily sad. It doesn't involve razorblades or hair dye.
  12. Neither really look like clouds. Or at least not sky clouds.
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