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  1. Possible Pool balls? I'll try some stuff with this.
  2. Yes that too. Like when he's sees the box flashing he does a little more. The reason I'm spending a lot of time on it is because I'm entering it in the first animated .gif of the month on gamerzrealm.net and I really want to win.
  3. Yes it's all pdn. And David, I'm thinking about making an updated version where the shoulders are realistic, where the wheel looks like it's turning, and where he turns his head a little slower after the block crashes.
  4. From 7pm-3am and then from 2pm-7pm. So about 13hours.
  5. My sister's not allowed in my room, but she constantly tries to get in, so I made it look like she dug a hole trying to get in, but I'm about to step on her. 100% PDN. I'll post a better one that shoes my face. Face is a little red from snowboarding. =P
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