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  1. Ncfan, that's really good. I love it. :O Here's some new sigs. I've really improved. Yes I did use Paint.NET or I wouldn't post them here.. Please comment.
  2. I mainly make sigs with Pdn, here's my latest stuff.. Green thing above his head killed this one. Meh. Gift for a friend. v2. Another gift. (I'm nice :wink:) Another lol.. v2. Most current but not that great, I was satisfied with the text though. About the gifts that don't have my name on them, I don't care if you don't think they're my work, they are and if you don't think they are then don't comment. Edit: I posted this here a while ago, my famous Buzzkill sig remake.
  3. Possible Pool balls? I'll try some stuff with this.
  4. Yes that too. Like when he's sees the box flashing he does a little more. The reason I'm spending a lot of time on it is because I'm entering it in the first animated .gif of the month on gamerzrealm.net and I really want to win.
  5. Yes it's all pdn. And David, I'm thinking about making an updated version where the shoulders are realistic, where the wheel looks like it's turning, and where he turns his head a little slower after the block crashes.
  6. From 7pm-3am and then from 2pm-7pm. So about 13hours.
  7. False, never heard of it. The person below me has brown hair.
  8. Nope, didn't add noise. Maybe your seeing rough clouds. Well your sig is an optical illusion yes? I kinda see the text going towards me, then it go inward away from me. I don't feel like Dling the plugin to see the hidden message. >.> Well 8/10 I guess. Rate these two as well. And Plox.
  9. My sister's not allowed in my room, but she constantly tries to get in, so I made it look like she dug a hole trying to get in, but I'm about to step on her. 100% PDN. I'll post a better one that shoes my face. Face is a little red from snowboarding. =P
  10. You just beat me to post your rate of her's over my rate of her's, Pineapple. (If that makes sence...) Well your('?)s is pretty funny, huge pineapple taking over the world. 8.5/10. Edit: K I got beat again.. Hopefully I'm the first one to post the rating for Evils. It's pretty simple and text isn't great. 6/10.
  11. Can you please give me an idea of what to put in the background? You need a bigger image to fill up the space. And maybe add some splatters or anything. Lines.
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