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The Pictorium! Post your created or edited images here!


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@Lionhearted I see it! that new sig you have is really dark and daring. your'e into a whole new look with this one.

@namiyoshi I like the second one best. my recommendation is the same one I received from the forum. invest in some unlined paper, and don't stop drawing. you have a good grasp of form, you might try coloring now with some gradiants, in paint.net. real good work.

@vladvampire only 4 posts from you so far. and might I say that is a knock out pic is it all 100% paint.net. if so you just have to spill some of your secrets.

@cmjguinness well what can I say your standard of excellence continues with every post. love it.

@Verndewd talk about trying to keep up with the masters you my friend leave me clueless as to how you come up with such great pieces time after time.

and last but not least

@pietime I beleive that might be your first sig? and it rocks.

good job.

yes it's 100% PND but to redo it would be fun plus i wouldn't know how to explane how i did it i know it has polar reflect in it lol

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Did you make the background for the Lara Croft one with PDN? If yes, I demand a tut! :P

i didn't make it, as such. I used fractals and C4d's and then just changed the layer's belnding modes and opacity. The bottom layer is just a dark brown to light brown gradient :P

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^Click to see all his 1100*789 greatness^

I wanted to make a sig for Speedy Guitar Man, even if he can't use it, you can still rate and comment it :)




http://www.flickr.com/photos/roboppy/453015995/ <- this one was tough to crop

Licence CC BY-NC-SA.


No. Way. I've just seen Bob. And... *poof!*—just like that—he disappears into the mist again. ~Helio

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It just says "Image". No sig in sight.

It's there for me.

http://ilia-and-link-lover.deviantart.c ... g-66064331 There's the link for the one on dA. Don't go saying it says image for that aswell :D

I see it now. And sorry about the painful image, I'm trying to recreate the distortion, bad luck V_V.

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