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  1. has not set their status

  2. Thanks why I didn't notice that earlyer now I fill stupid looking on dafont for 2 hours.
  3. I have spent a good deal of time trying to find this font I have found a few that were close but not close enough, but my question is dose any know what font this it would help me a lot with a project of mine.
  4. Ok sounds good to me also I mite post a tut with an other method I derived off this and some other knowledge.
  5. Uhhh I think I ill ask rick about it....Even though though he replied to the thread ans said nothing about it. Also thanks BoltBait Wow. I really like this. 8)
  6. Thanks For you to set something up like this in the paint .NET installer all you need do is change the registry and add the icons to the paintdotnet.exe's resources and then link each file format to the icon in the resource of paintdotnet.exe. Also a nice feature would be able to choose PDN as the default application for certain file formats in the installer.
  7. First Name: Keith Location: USA, Kila Montana Age: 25 Occupation: Freshman at High School Hobbies: Anime/Manga, PDN, Programing, help people, High School Computer programing club leader. Favorite tech item: A compiler Favorite and most despised software: Favorite: PDN, Linux, Firefox, and any thing thats open source. Most despised: Software that doesn't work :twisted: Favorite and most despised games: Favorite: Last Chaos , 12 Sky, Half Life 2 Most despised: I don't play game enough to know this Favorite and most despised movies: Favorite: ANIME Most despised: Horror movies there just stupid. Favorite and most despised television series: Favorite: Bleach, Claymore, Blood+, Black Lagoon, and to many to list. Most despised: Any thing that dose not have a plot. Favorite and most despised band / song / music genre: Favorite: I like to much music. Most despised: Almost all County What is your most enjoyable outdoor activity? Hunting, Hiking, riding my bike. If you could take a vacation anywhere in the world, where there would be no expense to you, where would you go and what would you do? Japan and I would do every thing I could. Name one person, who in your opinion, is a hero or role-model: I have no role model or hero's there fore I am my own. (wait thats a paradox)
  8. Well I got the Icons the way I like them by making them and changing them by using the method from this link. Click Here Well any way what do you think of these Icons? Also You can download the Icons here Click Here
  9. Well I got the Icons the way I like them by making them and changing them by using the method from this link. Click Here Also You can download the Icons here Click Here
  10. I don't like thumbnails. I like icons and the default icon for PDN some reason looks really cruddy .
  11. Ok when you set paint .NET as default to open the icon isn't very pleasing to the eye. Is there any way you can get like the photo shop Icon but a PDN Icon thats more pleasing? I don't know if this would be to much trouble? Correct me if I am wrong wouldn't it just take change in the installer to do this from reading this http://www.worldstart.com/tips/tips.php/1566 This to something like this
  12. It looks like he used zoom blue deluxe and the diagonal lines plug-in. *On Topic* 8/10
  13. Well heres every thing for my desktop. Also My desktop is 3D Heres what the windows Look like.
  14. I did this tut a long time ago, but how do you figure out how to make things like this when I try to do something I normally end making something else thats pretty cool.
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