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  1. Wow, a 12 game winning streak in World in Conflict... I need sleep.... EDIT: I just noticed my number of posts. Well, time to go work on my sig. See you later PdN forums!
  2. Its a "software copy prevention brand" that was intended to prevent people from copying games. However, most of what it really does is mess up computers for little to no reason. http://www.glop.org/starforce/
  3. Actually, ive got a new gaming related rant: Starforce. Why do game devs not notice how bad it is. Theres this game I want to get, but after seeing that it has starforce protection, its not worth it.
  4. Ive been doing it on impossible. The name suits it nicely.
  5. Wow, that level looks like fun. Btw, what difficulty are you doing it at? And to keep this thread ontopic, heres another rant. Visual studio stopped working. Again. Out of the year or 2 its been on my computer, about 75% of the time it hasnt worked... And just like every other microsoft product, im forced to use it. Dev-c++ has been inactive for ages, and so has wxDev-C++
  6. Good idea. I blame it on my keyboard as well. The keyboard im used to broke a week ago and im stuck on this tiny, non-curved, wired piece of plastic. [/ranting about keyboard] I cant wait untill newegg delivers my logitech wave
  7. Were you able to get past the first screen? I can't Im stuck on the first level. I know exactly what I have to do, but I cant do it.
  8. Thanks, ive been needing a new computer anyways EDIT: I give up
  9. RANT: Pretty much all new games are way too easy, even with the dificulty all the way up. I remember back in the day when games were actually a challenge. Sure, a lot of times this resulted in hardware damage (caused by me), but it felt much more like an accompishment to complete missions and beat the game. Growing up on games like that then playing modern games is sad.
  10. Yes, the center tag continues to inspire me to work on my sig
  11. Disturbed - Inside the Fire Now to wait for the rest of the album to be released...
  12. I dislike windows too, but I am forced to use it. Too many of my programs require windows to run. Until the day some crazy linux user burns down Microsoft HQ and frees us all, windows is my main OS. And I dont have enough room on my hard drive to install linux...
  13. Desktop 100% of the time. I dont plan on getting a laptop anytime soon, unless I suddenly become rich and get a laptop capable of running world in conflict on max settings.
  14. We're all pets of microsoft, which is the sad thing. Sure, we might also use linux or macs, but we still are dependant of windows. And if anyone else here says they arnt dependant of windows, you're lying. After all, this is the paint".NET" forums.
  15. The day im finnally going to order most of my pc upgrade, newegg runs out of the power supply I was going to get... They say they will get more on 4/28/08...
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