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Image Umbrella: Signatures, Avatars, Logos & Text


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Both are really cool :) .

But the first one i think the render needs to be placed differently, or maybe sharpen up the gun a little.

Second one is really awesome! The only problem is the text. It's a little dominant over the picture and is distracting, if you'd blend that in then it would be perfect.

----------------. . . Smile . . . tomorrow will be worse . . .----------------


---------------------. . . I'm a guy of simple tastes . . .----------------------

-------------------.:My Forever Maturing Gallery:.--------------------

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flow it would be soo much more awesome if the colors were right. its like green instead of blue, which if it was supposed to be that way, then i don't like it, but great fx and maybe add a minimal border so it doesn't distract from the render. 8)

oh and there is a weird outline on the left side of the guys head, maybe part of the render? but it looks out of place. it is whiteish looking, which distracts. :?

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