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  1. Uh, howdy folks. Long time no see. I'm planning on making stuff again, as I have heaps of time on my hands...
  2. In the Color window, click more. Bottom right, there should be a slidey bar saying Transparency. Drag that around to achieve the desired opacity. Well I'll be, first post here in months.
  3. Uzzisoft.com does the same thing too.
  4. Don't like it, a noob could do that OT: I don't like the Scan Lines at all, her face seems a bit distorted... 6/10.
  5. My LAZOR doesn't get blocked by lead. Or Pikachu!
  6. All this talk about free Windows 7 has me wondering...how do you get it!
  7. Eh, not a bad outcome. Sure someone will find it handy.
  8. Ai, me too Sad to see 'er go...
  9. He has. First person to post a tag gets to battle.
  10. I'll try and whip something up...
  11. You know, this really should belong in General Discussions an Questions, seeing as it is related to PDN . Mine is easily Smudge.
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