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  1. [40] The Doctor's Companion, from Doctor Who [50] John Watson, Sherlock Holmes' sidekick (Elementary!) [20] Little John, Robin Hood's fellow merry outlaw [75] Luigi, Mario's jumping buddy [30] Navi, a thorn in Link's side [55] Obélix, Astérix's Roman-hating compatriot [20] Robin, Batman's "other half" [55] Ron Weasley, Harry Potter's magical friend [55] Sam Gamgee, Frodo Baggins' gardener [55] Woodstock, Snoopy's birdbrained friend GO LUIGI!
  2. *has no idea what the heck Rick is talking about at all* :?
  3. Heh i read Mike's post (the one that started the argument) and i didn't really feel like he was insulting anyone or calling himself a "Super Elite OMG t3h pwnr0z i rox" PDN artist. I guess people think differently 8) Hopefully all is resolved and people put their anger into artwork that is really nice. ugh and these smileys are creepy <--- OMG WHAT IS THAT?!?
  4. thanks wes i made it myself![/gir_voice]
  5. Thar she blows... >_> stole icons from LFC, and not done with some of them...
  6. NOOOOO!!! YARGH! *punches self in head* hi. *sits quietly in corner* .__.
  7. made for sotw13 at sG. (do not take seriously. made in like 5 minutes.) oh yeah it looks better on a dark surface. look here near the bottom of the page
  8. great idea on the Mistborn sig, but too bad there aren't many good Vin and Elend pics eh? Mistborn is such a good series. Anyway, the right side of your sig is a little empty, you can crop out the righta little bit, and like ouchy said make it smaller. we need more mistborn sigs, and i mean c'mon art like that is reason to get into mistborn.
  9. sozo's is the only one that really uses the theme...
  10. dude LFC where'd you get those icons? or did you make them... they are teh Aw3s0M3
  11. :shock: :shock: :shock: <--- WHATS THIS!?! NOOOO!
  12. don't do tech. jake would win with his bloody tech sigs... >.>
  13. if you use photobucket there is an option to have thumbnails without the need of two pictures
  14. kemaru it's supposed to look more like a painting than anything else. it kinda does, so yeah... heh heh
  15. well yeah if you make it neon orange, it wiould e horrible lol, but i mean make it stand out a little more. it is like the same color as the rest of the green, an i can oly tell that it is dots on the upper left side of the sig.
  16. ^heh? time for someone to whip out the ban-hammer! i don't think you can do what you want with PDN and have it look nice and clean. i would suggest... i would suggest someone suggesting something worthwhile...
  17. you can host .apng here if you want to, but only a few browsers support it, Firefox 3.0 and higher for example. also, you have yo delete all the white in your frames (like the weird blocky stuff) and then save it as an .apng. i know Firefox has a .apng editor, try searching for it on mozillas website. if you have firefox that is. if not, it wouldn't really matter anyway.
  18. frankencub- if you want it to have no white, than it would have to be .apng format or something else, other wise .gif doesnt allow transparency. i suggest making it a white rectangle instead of the weird shapes. cool idea though. looks like neon. other things look cool. pretty realistic. nath- wayyy to much empty space on the right side. move yoshi a little more towards the center (not all the way, but say 20 pixels maybe?) and add something else. your current sig has the simplistic thing going pretty good, but you can't really do that with a render, unless you are t3h aW3S0M3. resize yoshi to make him a small enough for his head to fit in the sig at least. Oh and make your border stand out a little more. i can barely tell its there. make it either darker or lighter. keep practicing though. it doesn't take long to get better if you do stuff every other day. arcanine sig
  19. pretty cool, especially if you made it. left side is a little dark though. maybe add some different colors as well, monotone looks.... too red. heh. 8/10. rate: looks better on a dark bg.
  20. i think that having your own peronal "favorites" plugin sub-menu would be great, like having gaussian blur and smudge, or whichever ones you use the most, and you could still have them in the menus where they were first put if you needed to know where they were. make sense? :?
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