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Image Umbrella: Signatures, Avatars, Logos & Text

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Image Umbrella: Signatures and Avatars

Post your Paint.NET sig or av creations here!

Things to keep in mind:

- Keep in mind that signatures and avatars are very small; for instance, on this forum, signatures may be no larger than 500 pixels wide or 150 pixels tall, and avatars no larger than 120px wide or 160px tall. Anything that's too much larger should go under a different umbrella.

- Try not to post your image right after another user's. Allow some time for people to reply (or give an opinion yourself!)

- Utilize constructive criticism. Being mean is not welcome or tolerated.

- Try for criticism that's more helpful than "looks good" - say why. Say what works, say what can be improved. It'll make everyone's skills better (including yours)!

- By the same token, keep The Rules in mind. They will be enforced here just as much as anywhere else.

Have fun with your mini-art!

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It's awesome! Probably (most definetly, completely, totally) your best signature/avatar combination yet! I think it needs some color, though.

As for the avatar... It's a tad fuzzy, some of the border lines and, mostly, the big white "swoop" look unfocused. They look fine in the signature, but at the zoom level of the avatar, they may need a bit of work. I wouldn't know what else to put into it, other than that. It's a great minimalist piece, very simple. Color may also help, as I said before. Nice job!

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*Lot of images*

Wow, you've got some nice stuff there. And I've noticed you made a little note in your sig, I now understand that your current sig is incredible for being made in PDN :shock:

Thanks! And sabrown- d.a's right, if you have any more questions, PM me.

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It is very plain, but plain is good, especially in this case, I think the colours go together well, and also the linesblend in well and add interest. What do you think of mine two posts above?

thx...i no i usually do more complex things.....yours is much better after you fixed the text and the colors work great with each other

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