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  1. Hockey. I could talk about it for days.
  2. <3 Too bad I kinda stopped using PDN. I might make a tag with it in the near future.
  3. Take the lead whenever you want bro. I'm not too active here, but I'll still try to help run this.
  4. Nah just as long as it's a reasonable size. If you wanted to put numbers up then like 500 x 500.
  5. I disagree, but I can't find the best here. Kem's smudging is out of place and pasted right on instead of being blended. I know, but nothing steps up to it. Really none of these tags have any wow-factor , sorry guys.
  6. Yes sir. Those are my intentions.
  7. It's a little too small and overcontrasted. I hope to see more from you though. Ignore the text.
  8. Haha. Fine I'll let it slide, go ahead. Just don't forget about the collabs guys!
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