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  1. nice, though i cant really read the text, but has potential 7.5/10 it' s been about a year since i posted here...
  2. I like it though i think you should change the text in the upper right corner i just doesn' t fit the whole picture, maybe something more simplistic, also maybe change the border. 7/10 Here' s an old favorite of mine.
  3. looks nice yet a bit monotone, but overall a solid 7/10 rate: and old one
  4. welcome to the forums and i' d like to see the works you created
  5. looks very nice, well drawn and good choice of colors, maybe ad a underwater texture ?
  6. you' re deffinetly one of the better tag makers on the forums. Good work EDIT: Whats the font u used on the bolt sig i like it.
  7. the same as last time, you have a very nice background, but the render looks slapped on again, try smudging or clone stamping the BG on the render to blend it more. 6.5/10 rate: and:
  8. hmmm i don' t know i think it has a nice background, but the font and the color don't match it at all, try using a more block like font. 7/10 rate: and: tell me what you think of them.
  9. can' t wait t' ill i get my new computer. I'm using an AMD sempron for gods sake , though i have a pretty neat sound system with hercules speakers
  10. Dude we have enough material on only this thread to make sitcom
  11. try following allot of tutorials it' s not like techniques to make sigs comes flyin at you,
  12. @ sharp: Like it allot i love the clean look of it and the purple orb in the middle. 9/10
  13. looks good although a drop shadow on the medal and the other emblems would make it even better. THIS IS NOT MADE WITH PDN. Hidden Content:
  14. i like it it has nice flow and focal, but i' m missing a light source. 8.5/10
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