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  1. ^ Eh it's okay < Loves Vitamin Waters v Has never had a vitamin water
  2. ^ Sometimes use Jasc PaintShop Pro 8 at school. Horrible UI. < Wishes he worked at a design company. I'm only fifteen and work at Red Rooster :( v Has an awesome job
  3. ^ Nope. Touchpad on mah lappy < Just got home from work. v Doesn't have a job
  4. ^ is glad his thing turned out nicely < Is on Paint.NET forum for the first time in a looooong time (at school ) v Is posting somewhere that they shouldn't (work, school etc.)
  5. :o !! theonlychad ?! My name is Chad!!! You're not the only one! Great art though, some are really cool
  6. Nice. That's really awesome, and it really works with the background. All it needs is a border . . . 9/10
  7. ^ Shoop Da Whoop!!!! < Laughs at the memory of watching Dr. Octagonapuss . . . . (such good memories -sigh-) v Is gonna follow my link to my gallery. . . then leave a very encouraging comment.
  8. ShK, that pic is beautiful. Did you take that?
  9. Hehe. I just downloaded Blender, I'm so new to it that it scares me
  10. Pete, you're awesome . . . 1. The effects are truly something, everything seems to really work in this sig, and the colours are better now, instead of the sepia-ish sorta thing. 10/10 2. I've never seen anyone but you, make a sig like that, which means it's original, and I love original . Texture is great, colour works, and the smiley makes it look . . . I'm not sure. . . like something from a resident evil movie? Who cares. 11/10
  11. ^ Yup yup. ('Him' of course . . .) < Has just started to learn animation with Blender. v Wants to learn something new.
  12. ^ Two dogs, a puppy, and a cat. < Loves poetry. v Likes literature.
  13. ^ Botox?!?! I'm 15! And a boy!! < Definitely does not need botox! v Doesn't need botox either.
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