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Image Umbrella: Signatures, Avatars, Logos & Text


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@jizer : Simple as always, but also nice as always. It gave me a checked feel, but i found out it's not when i took a closer look. Great work! IMO maybe add some darkening gradients?

@hyrule : Nice effects, simple. IMO try maybe finding a better pumkin stock? This 1 looks edgy. But it's it hand drawn then NICE!

@LFC4EVER : Nice texture you got there. Great editting with the pumkin, looks 3D now :D Though the av's not as nice though.


L i f e I s C o l o r f u l

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haha, here is a simple and dark sig and avatar combo. I don't like halloween any much but i think this one have a little halloween feeling.. and yeah this is my first images using alpha mask. What do you guys think? :D



Simplicity ftw!

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No, not just "it needs something", please. That's so vague one could think you'd be more satisfied if MC was replaced by a giraffe. Find something constructive to say. And please, don't think I'm after you, or I'm some sort of criticism Nazi, but it's just that if the Pictorium were to be resumed to that, then it would no longer be of any use to post things around here.

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