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  1. It's good not my taste in graphics but it's well done. Keep it up Ps. I have tht font hehe
  2. haha the beauty of squares and rectangles
  3. @jizer : Looks nice. But what is it exactly? A creditcard? or a pocket for it? Well it's it's a card then i suggest tht you decrease the thickness of the shadow. And maybe turn the edges into pure black? And of cos feather >< Sry about the the remarks i have >
  4. @jizer : Simple as always, but also nice as always. It gave me a checked feel, but i found out it's not when i took a closer look. Great work! IMO maybe add some darkening gradients? @hyrule : Nice effects, simple. IMO try maybe finding a better pumkin stock? This 1 looks edgy. But it's it hand drawn then NICE! @LFC4EVER : Nice texture you got there. Great editting with the pumkin, looks 3D now Though the av's not as nice though.
  5. Your welcome Helen Keep thoughs art works comming! Maybe i'll send you one of my wallpaper which is similar to yours ^^
  6. @oma : thx for the comments Well atleast someone did Regarding your work, i especallu love yur boreder design. A great use of tiles! I can see that you image only differs by 1 or 2 pictures right?^ ^ most of the effect fone was my using built-in distortions. And tht's the fact that i love the most ! such a beautiful work can be done with the original program itself ! You have mad skills! How ever your glass flower [ ? ] looks edgy could use some feathering or maybe some smart blur? But overall i loved it!
  7. Hyrule if you look close enough, you'll see tht they're not juz black and white. They are also semi transparent I made it with pdn of cos
  8. Haha it's ok. I still love the overall out come keep it up Psst * mind commenting on mine ? It's on the this page *
  9. I LIKE IT! It smooth and fits in nicely Great work!
  10. @artjim: For the 1st dragon, were you trying to make a chromo effect? If so there's a way do it. For the second image i thk that maybe a different sort of back ground could be used? well tht's my opinion anyways. And btw i love the blue colored dragon! @pre : 1st of, Welcome to PDN i see that you use a flower stock, the boreder however could use some feathering [ a plugin ] or you can turn on :AntiAliasingOn: . I like the idea tht the flower stands out but could use more work. Keep i up @hyrule : I like it! Although i can see some parts tht you juz color it over with black to make a square.. But i like how every1 of your square has a cruve edge
  11. @LFC4EVER : I LOVE IT! It's my 1st time seeing a vertical sig and it blows me away! I like the blue better it has a better blend of colors. The red has too many differ of colors [ warm and cool colors ] I would love to see more if possible. Too bad it cant be used Dang... @hyrule: i like the avatar but the borders could use some glow or feathering. And as for yur sig, yur rays need some :AntiAliasingOn: PS. No comments on mine? Anyone? Hello~? FYI it's on the previous page
  12. NICE job! even the dog is gone! how did you go it 0.o well the house thing can be done with a plug in but wow! how did the dog disappear!?
  13. Love the effect! is there a larger sample? Keep up the good work!
  14. Nice gallery! Simple and sweet though not as unique but you have added yur own taste into it keep it up
  15. I like how yur florida turned out but it's kinda blurry. Maybe use glow to cover up the blurry edges? Or maybe use true feather.
  16. IMO maybe you can try darkening the borders with a gradient and and some glow effect to the texts. and btw nice use of tiles, gradient bars, twist and water effect. i like how the shading of the bars turned out.
  17. Nice and simple as always. It looks like an art work Keep up the good work ! hyrule i like the green smog effect in the back ground very nice! But i thk you should change the hex sphere alittle. maybe feathering the border so tht i will blend better with the smog? tht's my oppinion. PS. Any comments on mine please? i dun wana double post ><
  18. Please comment. it has only 8 layers but i like how it turned out
  19. Latest work. @rand0m: Love it, looks like an art piece worth a spot in a gallery
  20. Ah icic. any idea where i can get more designs? 0.o
  21. Hmm what do you mean by brush?[ Sry kinda noob ] And yea i noe how yo use :Curves: but i mostly use :Curves:+ cos it has more effects to it
  22. This is my desktop. Made everything myself [ including icons, not incuding theme ] all with PDN! oh yea please click to enlarge further, or it would look :AntiAliasingOff:
  23. Stylish? How so? I actually really like it the way it is. Thanks, but i would love to make it better. I'd lower the opacity of the light rays. They stand out a bit too much IMO. This is what i get after i lower the opacity, i also increased it's contrast alittle so it wont look so blurry
  24. Need help >< What should i do with this Desktop? I wana make it look more stylish. And i have everything on a different layer.
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