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  1. i want a rating not that. whats wrong with you? on topic: cool sig! 8,5/10 rate this (with numbers):
  2. Never gonna download a beta of a operative system in my hole life
  3. I'm gonna use Photoshop now, I'm not gonna stop with with Paint.NET permant but i'm not gonna use it like before and i don't gonna post much as before in the forum. Thx for a good time! /jiZer
  4. You need to update the Wii to run Super Smash Bros Brawl, have you done that?
  5. a new life (soundcard) World At War - Wii Money UV filter
  6. This submission has been disapproved and will be automatically trashed if more are made. Please check the submission and vote accordingly.
  7. A guy on fpsbanana.com has put all plugins in a big pack and share them to others, does he has permisson or something to do this? just wonder.. [link]
  8. New sig and avatar combo i need much advice becuse i have never make a sig like this before.
  9. 8/10 nice sig but i don't like the border and the text is pretty hard to read. rate: i have never make a "image" sig like this before so i need much advice
  10. Possible to make a Script that change the Paint.NET icon on the header on the orginal prosilver style? looks really ugly.. http://img206.imageshack.us/img206/1103/szhxndxksmmwslj9.png
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