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  1. I'm still practicing to get the feel of everything right. I hope this comes closer than my previous attempts, lol: EDIT:: v2, w/ border:
  2. ^^ nice! The color makes it look cool. Not sure what else to say, lol. Here's what I started with: pic 1 Here's end: pic 2 I did very little in the way of steps. Not trying to make it look weird. Tell me what you guys think? I think it's a little off..but not sure what's off, exactly..
  3. Why does it say Jeff Bridges on it? Isn't he an actor? Anyways, nice cd. is it 100% pdn? I'm kinda noob in pdn, so i cant tell lol. I like the logo, it's nice and sleek and simple, i think. Here's a sig I did today..I'm trying to gt better at blending the sig into the bg...
  4. @Kemaru: Because when it was just white letters, I could barely see it and I thought blue would make it even more invisible since everything else is blue. I guess I could've made the font one size bigger, eh? And, I think all I did with bg was jitter a copied render of Altair over it and put it in a different layer mode (like difference or something). Lol. Thanks for the feedback
  5. @ hyrule: metroid sig: did you use the metroid sig tut? I think i read that tut. and, it looks nice so far. There's something a bit off about it (maybe the "transition" of the guy to the fire/shot? where the 'fire' outline turns form gold to red?), but I'm sure you'll do fine Post the end result when you've got it! And I like the Yoshi one! 'yoshi' seems a bit hard to read, but I love mario and anything related lol Here's one of mine I made today: I tried to keep the flow in mind and the I tried to focus the contrast on the focal point (Altair, hopefully ), so..tell me how I did please
  6. Those are neat. I've never heard of vertical sigs before. It's neat, but there's too much room at the top, even though it kinda looks cool to me, I think others would find it annoying/distracting. Post the v3 you have of it
  7. I was trying to do something that was different from my normal style (not sure if I even have yet, haha), but I don't really like it. The lightness at the bottom seems to offset it, but if I take it off it all looks empty. I tried to find some way to make it look like something is floating around him (like an exploded ring of some kind?), kinda transparent, but I couldn't come up with anything good. Help? EDIT: Also, I was wanting to do something like clouds surrounding him, but not so overhwleming that it took over the whole thing, but I don't know how to do that without it being over th
  8. Oh, well..I don't know if i really want a focal point. I kinda like people to look at all of it. Is that bad?
  9. Yeah, I always have real trouble with font placement and such, because I never know where to put it. Lol. By focal point, what do you mean? I.E. where is the focal point on the sig i just made?
  10. Alright. due to the many comments saying that I could do better, I've attempted to do just that. Here's my next try. It has 27 layers (I read somewhere, the more layers the better lol). And I did any and everything I could think of, lol...tell me what you think...
  11. I kinda like the first one better, lol. But, I'm a newb, so I dunno if you can take my word for it
  12. Thanks for the input, guys @LFC4EVER: I did use one of the tutorials for most of those sigs. I tried the frost glass+glaussian blur at different levels on many different layers, but it never came out like it did in the tut. And. I hate smudging. It doesn't seem to do anything except make things darker. And I don't want darker, I want smudge. O.o @Boude: But isn't me getting an image the same as a render? ISn't a render just a cut-out of an image? I don't think I understand what you mean by "have a try yourself" ...
  13. Here's one I made using like 4 stock images and blending them together..
  14. Not real sure how "abstract" this is, but I couldn't find anywhere else to put it..I'm using these as my backgrounds for my website (and pages of) I'm currently making.. (sorry they're so big, I dunno how to thumbnail 'em)
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