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  1. so i was thinking o boy what will i ever do withought a logo so i thought hey lets try this.... tell me what u think sadly i think it looks like a handycap sign
  2. ok so i think i had to much going on in that creepy gost sig so here is my second shot at it before after
  3. hey how r these i dont make sigs much and prity new to it but here. some of the textures are from someones sig tut but i dont remember who ill find and edit cred later
  4. how about these tell wich is your favorite and what i can do to make them better. i like the black and white one my self I tweeked this one a bit from the last
  5. Hey how is mine? i think it is missing something. how is my avatar too? o and the sigs ahead of me are all of them made with Pdn cus some look photoshopy to me
  6. it sounds like a good thing to want. i am interested on how to make these as well
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