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  1. note: my newest work is now being put into my DA, I won't be adding to here anymore but I might re-do this thread. @kartracer: The best tip I can give is that I use the line/curve tool and I adjust them until they make desired layouts. I don't usually have desired forms, I just go with the flow lol To make tribal flames, simply apply more curve and point then curve and spikes. Good Luck. @Axle: Thanks, and as I mentioned earlier, here's my DA: http://drekentai.deviantart.com/
  2. I made this off basically using layer blend modes and a few effects along the integration of my logo http://www.mediafire.com/imageview.php? ... tn&thumb=5
  3. Hah, nice. I remember making a random concrete texture edit once as a background, I use it on MSN lol: original texture: http://www.bu.edu/sjmag/scimag2008/imag ... ources.jpg modified: http://i32.tinypic.com/f1bfxk.jpg its a link due to how large the picture is, sorry XD; note: I didn't feel like uploading this to photobucket so i just used tiny pic lol
  4. @Sharp: I like the concrete-like style of that picture, looks nice. a little touch up you could maybe try out is add some graffiti-like text?
  5. well if any of you notice my gallery in the pictorium, i'm back for those of you with monitors of a resolution at 1600 x 900, enjoy, pure PDN, nothing else used. here's some previews: here are the links, same order: http://www.mediafire.com/?5zhgwwjewyk http://www.mediafire.com/?wmnnzjj5n0t
  6. After a rather very long time of using the forums I decided i'd upload a few pics. I haven't done much art ever since but I have some, and some of them amaze even me (and usually i don't take my work for much amazement) lol. so here are 2 backgrounds i made for my laptop: unfortunately photobucket resizes the pictures so I'll give links to the full sized, anybody who wishes to use these, go right ahead. (note they are 1600 x 900): http://www.mediafire.com/?5zhgwwjewyk http://www.mediafire.com/?wmnnzjj5n0t a few avatars I made for my love: these ones involve minor photoshop work, whic
  7. woah, nice simple stuff and nice complex stuff, amazing work. well since i felt like it, here's a fixed version of nala:
  8. ok well after all the time i finally decided to fix this 1 up a tad bit:
  9. my guess for jake2k is making every line with help of a few plugins or just plugins or just crazy talent with the line tool lol
  10. yeah i know, like i said, once i find the time, or when i feel like it i will try and fix that up and add a bit more to the pic
  11. mehe, yeah you can just make the outlines as you go on a new layer, but i did a precise enough pixel cutout. so i did it pixel by pixel almost. but nice job on the camera, i'll give this a shot with another nala pictures, but the recoloring, that will be fun
  12. updates: mostly nala, some other stuff, actually, it's all nala stuff lol but there's little work in em, ohwell, it's Nala, perfect enough as it is edit: if you notice some 3D model snapshots from my photobucket, don't mind, but if you want you can comment, i put them there for other sites and all
  13. that's actually pretty nice phantom. as mentioned in the desktop art topic, i made Nala tribute avatar and signature original:
  14. nice mix of plugins, well after a long 12 years since the first time i watched lion king, i decided to watch it again, and Everything got back to me. and there's still something about Nala that gets to me i know, edges of Nala are jagged, i don't feel much like fixing that. yet anyways lol original: ps - will make new sig and avatar, both using originals of nala
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