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  1. note: my newest work is now being put into my DA, I won't be adding to here anymore but I might re-do this thread. @kartracer: The best tip I can give is that I use the line/curve tool and I adjust them until they make desired layouts. I don't usually have desired forms, I just go with the flow lol To make tribal flames, simply apply more curve and point then curve and spikes. Good Luck. @Axle: Thanks, and as I mentioned earlier, here's my DA: http://drekentai.deviantart.com/
  2. I made this off basically using layer blend modes and a few effects along the integration of my logo http://www.mediafire.com/imageview.php? ... tn&thumb=5
  3. Hah, nice. I remember making a random concrete texture edit once as a background, I use it on MSN lol: original texture: http://www.bu.edu/sjmag/scimag2008/imag ... ources.jpg modified: http://i32.tinypic.com/f1bfxk.jpg its a link due to how large the picture is, sorry XD; note: I didn't feel like uploading this to photobucket so i just used tiny pic lol
  4. @Sharp: I like the concrete-like style of that picture, looks nice. a little touch up you could maybe try out is add some graffiti-like text?
  5. well if any of you notice my gallery in the pictorium, i'm back for those of you with monitors of a resolution at 1600 x 900, enjoy, pure PDN, nothing else used. here's some previews: here are the links, same order: http://www.mediafire.com/?5zhgwwjewyk http://www.mediafire.com/?wmnnzjj5n0t
  6. After a rather very long time of using the forums I decided i'd upload a few pics. I haven't done much art ever since but I have some, and some of them amaze even me (and usually i don't take my work for much amazement) lol. so here are 2 backgrounds i made for my laptop: unfortunately photobucket resizes the pictures so I'll give links to the full sized, anybody who wishes to use these, go right ahead. (note they are 1600 x 900): http://www.mediafire.com/?5zhgwwjewyk http://www.mediafire.com/?wmnnzjj5n0t a few avatars I made for my love: these ones involve minor photoshop work, which is the flames/blue flames: here's a random picture i made out of complete bordem: and here's a picture which as the last 2, involve only minor photoshop work which is the flames/blue flames: and my latest avatar which yet again involve only minor photoshop work which is the flames/blue flames: note: yes I now take on 2 names which both are now my copy wright logos instead of my name: Tribal\-«+»-/Freakv1.6™ [\\]«Drekentai»[//] the new name, Drekentai, was created at random on a game i play just to talk with friends, role play and such. it has no meaning, it has never been seen before. i more or less, am the first to create it, and i now on go by this name everywhere. note: the strike outs and underlines on them are suppose to be the same color as the text as it goes but that kind of fails lol. any ways, hope you guys enjoy the new art.
  7. woah, nice simple stuff and nice complex stuff, amazing work. well since i felt like it, here's a fixed version of nala:
  8. ok well after all the time i finally decided to fix this 1 up a tad bit:
  9. my guess for jake2k is making every line with help of a few plugins or just plugins or just crazy talent with the line tool lol
  10. yeah i know, like i said, once i find the time, or when i feel like it i will try and fix that up and add a bit more to the pic
  11. mehe, yeah you can just make the outlines as you go on a new layer, but i did a precise enough pixel cutout. so i did it pixel by pixel almost. but nice job on the camera, i'll give this a shot with another nala pictures, but the recoloring, that will be fun
  12. updates: mostly nala, some other stuff, actually, it's all nala stuff lol but there's little work in em, ohwell, it's Nala, perfect enough as it is edit: if you notice some 3D model snapshots from my photobucket, don't mind, but if you want you can comment, i put them there for other sites and all
  13. that's actually pretty nice phantom. as mentioned in the desktop art topic, i made Nala tribute avatar and signature original:
  14. nice mix of plugins, well after a long 12 years since the first time i watched lion king, i decided to watch it again, and Everything got back to me. and there's still something about Nala that gets to me i know, edges of Nala are jagged, i don't feel much like fixing that. yet anyways lol original: ps - will make new sig and avatar, both using originals of nala
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