Pixey's Gallery ~Apple Delight~ 2/16/20.

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Delicious.  Great essence about the whole piece ... and again glassy beyond glassy.  Love it


I'm sure I'm not the only one wondering how you do it - a few pointers if not a full blown tut' ?

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@lynxster4 :) thanks a whole bunch <3


Thank you @Maximilian for your lovely words 🥰


Many thanks @welshblue  I'll try to get around to trying to do a tute sometime.  It's really quite easy.


     1.  I always start with Ella's filled text tute and use a shape to get started.

     2.  Then I use Gradients and layer modes to get the glossiness.

     3.  Sometimes I will use an old file for bits and pieces to add to the centers.

     4.  Then lots of trying out modes and Gradients until I get what I want.


Thank you @LionsDragon 😊 It should have come with a warning though :)  Only people with metal teeth, like the guy in one of the Bond movies can eat them 🤣

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