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  1. Thanks @BoltBait Didn't realise that, no big thing. Just nice to know. Cheers.😀 I'll use image host from now on.🙃 Just made a lot of space on the board. I just thought it only applied to a persons gallery.
  2. Yes @Pixey the latest comp. Gossamer thingy.🙃
  3. Latest comp would let me post direct. Says file is to large. Had to use image host. A reason would be helpful.🙃
  4. Good news in the UK. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-56153617
  5. Manc

    Mancs page.

    This another image I made from a tutorial by the brilliant @welshblue. I can still remember how I made it, so expect an updated version soon. As you can see, still can't think of anything. Very very frustrating.🙃 Cheers.😉
  6. Finally finished it. Must admit, when I made the cage, did my own thing. First time I've made a jewel. Thankyou @lynxster4for the shape. Cheers.🙃
  7. Your best bet is checking fonts by eye. This might help. https://www.dafont.com/ I don't think it is possible to check fonts automatically.😉
  8. I think this the most complicated tutorial I have tried for a while. I am determined to finish it. Expect a result sometime tomorrow. Thanks @Limon Keeps my mind occupied in the 'Lockdown'.🙃
  9. Thanks @ardneh. Yeah, already figured it out. Seem a bit daft now.🙃 Cheers.
  10. Hi @Limon I've tried this twice and get confused. When you say 'Cut', do you mean 'Delete'?
  11. Manc

    Mancs page.

    Thanks @Ladybug and @lynxster4 for your nice comments. Cheers @Pixey very nice to hear from you.😉 I have finally got a new idea. Should keep me occupied for the next week or so. Cheers.🙃
  12. Manc

    Mancs page.

    Just done this to pass the time. Still haven't thought of anything new. Very frustrating.🙃 100% PDN.
  13. Watch this about antivaxers. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000scy8
  14. Manc

    Mancs page.

    Hi @Ladybug As you can see have cleaned up my screen. Only took me twenty minutes.🙃 Think I've got a new idea. Hopefully will come up with something new soon.😉
  15. @nitenurse79 Think this is relative to you. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-55635451
  16. Very sorry to hear you got so ill @nitenurse79 Must have been very scary. Hope you get well soon. Nine of my family tested positive five weeks ago. Aged between 12 and 61, four in one household, five in the other. Thankfully, none were hospitalised, but, some are still getting after effects three weeks later. I hope you get the vaccine soon. The UK has vaccinated over 15.000.000, so far today. I think we are doing OK. Take care and stay safe.😉
  17. Lovely image @lynxster4. Still not got round to trying 'Shapemaker'🙃 Seems complicated.
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