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    I had a really bad fall last week. Bust my nose and face up really bad. Docs says could take six weeks to heal. So I'm going to take a rest for awhile. Cheers.🙃
  2. Consider yourself told.😀
  3. Happy birthday No members to show.😀
  4. Yeah I agree @lynxster4 Here in the UK they have lifted restrictions on wearing masks. I don't care I still wear mine in shops. I think stupid not to. This virus is not going away anytime soon.
  5. Sorry @Pixey I think I must have mis-read 'members online' and 'members birthdays' I blame my glasses and dementia. 😀
  6. Sorry @lynxster4 Was meant as a joke.🙃
  7. Sorry if I got it wrong. This morning Forum said it was Pixey's birthday.
  8. Happy birthday @barbieq25. Hope you have a great day.😀
  9. Thanks for your help @midora. Got it sorted in the end.🙂
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