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  1. Manc

    Mancs page.

    City have just won the Premier league. Expect a new pic soon.
  2. Manc

    Mancs page.

    Thanks @lynxster4 I used a combination of the two, mostly MJW's. Not happy with it. Back to the drawing board I think.🙃
  3. Manc

    Mancs page.

    Pretty dross but my latest.
  4. Although, I've never worked at it, I am a computer technician. Did a course a few years back. Passed with distinction. At my age getting offered minimum wage was joke.🙃
  5. I used to be a Mural artist, worked with David Vaughan in the 70s. He painted John Lennon's Rolls in the 60s. Ended up as painter and decorator.
  6. I think you've made a mistake with the closing date.🙃
  7. Can someone tell me how to start a new thread? This is not racist, I'm Irish. Mostly.
  8. Name your favourite movie and why.

  9. Well done @Ladybug. Nice shapes. I haven't got the hang of it yet. Will probably try it again sometime.😉
  10. Definitely not superman. Got a sore shoulder today and slight fever. OK though, saving money on the heating.😉
  11. Don't ever trust what the 'Daily Mail' says.
  12. I had my second 'Pfizer' jab today. So far no side effects, feel great.😉
  13. Happy Birthday @ReMake Have a great day.😉
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