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  1. Spencerlancs You may want to check on the file extension of your drawing . Paint.net is automatedly a .pdn and if you save it as a .jpg or you cutter changes it into a .jpg then the transparency will be removed and replaced by white. There you have my entire fount of knowledge, or drip if you prefer.
  2. Scooter

    Mancs page.

    The only thing that I see is the awful back-----Oh, just read All the wordsπŸ™ƒ Seriously, Very nice, the details are very clean, as is the spinning seal, all are crisp and clear. The wood treatment is beautifully done. If I may, could you review the shadows of the metal legs from the right side. I seem to not to see a shadow from the shelf above either. I feel as if there should be a corresponding shadow, of the shelf, along the shelf surface as well. Of course you have the real thing there and if my question is contrary to your real world view then you may feel free t
  3. Finding on the internet picture #1 was, to me, a powerful graphic of what was, a vision of the massive struggle by firemen struggling to battle the fires after the earthquake of April 18, 1906 in San Francisco California. I was struck by the possibility's of this picture and have tried to convey the monumental effect and efforts that were in play during this historical event. Sources: #1 National Archives photo UNRESTRICTED USE https colon slash slash catalog.archives.gov slash id slash 522951 #2 DWT594_httpswww.guardiansofthecity.orgphpAlbummain.phpcmd=imageorig&v
  4. Hope you can retrieve even just the thumbnails. Then perhaps when you remake the new version of the original files it will go a bit faster and a little easer. p.s. You are not the first person this has happened to, don't ask me how I know. Good luck and Welcome to Paint.net
  5. Scooter

    Mancs page.

    OH,OH, look at that! A time piece to tell the time with. Well done with the changes both subtle and substantive. You may now go on the project Next, with a happy heart--well something like that. πŸ˜‰
  6. Pixey you are amazing, a word to oft bandied about, but in your case more than true and yet still slightly inadequate. I am in awe of your works. You do give me so many ideas to strive for. Thank you. ------I will now return to my usual silly-ness currently in progress on another channel-----
  7. While all of these worthy answers/suggestions/ideas are totally with in the spirit of help and cooperation found on Paint.NET, not at all surprising. But I would humbly suggest that instock reach out to the teacher and offer to help her/him with understanding How To Scan a page more successfully. I would venture that help would bring joy to all the students involved today and in future.
  8. NOTICE: I am not making any clams or judgements; this example is for the enjoyment of fun loving PDN-ers everywhere.πŸ™„ Please do not think it applies to you , it is obviously for "the Others" on this forummm.πŸ˜„
  9. I thought I posted this yesterday---but with my luck it probably got sent to my wife--sigh p.s. 100% pdn of course.....πŸ˜‰
  10. Well after all the holiday festivity ---yer welcome.
  11. Well, you are right. Driving a Kenworth and hauling logs on the ice road is what I do----in my mindπŸ˜„. But never one to shatter the dreams of my favorite Swedish friend, ----- OK, OK, My only Swedish friend,. In reality, I am an extremely wealthy multi-national tycoon with private yachts, planes, exotic cars that even the sultans of Arabia can not afford, with vast estates scattered across the globe, OR I'm just a silly ol' guy that has a good normal-like life. That I have come to appreciate what I do have. Dang it, you made me get serious. It must be your smile or somethin
  12. You do know I have almost worn the arrow point of me little cursor completely out----tiring to pick up the corner of the drop down menu, to see what was wrong with the toast. THEN, finally, I realized out what you meant---Doh 🀣
  13. Scooter

    Mancs page.

    WHEEW ! Thank You, for receiving my thoughts in the spirit intended--got'a admit I wasn't worried in that regard ----until right as I clicked Send 😧 ..."the clock case took about me about twenty minutes...." πŸ˜‰ Oh sure rub it inπŸ˜„ ..."finish as a antique style mantle clock..." Its well on the way already.
  14. Not being totally sure of things that have power switches and do things with "0"s and "1"s all the while whirring and so on. I thought to use this forum to note I have changed/edited one of my Christmas SOTW entry's. Point of this note is for those who were so very kind, giving me "likes". I hope the revision is also worthy of your previous responses. Thank You.
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