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  1. Manc

    Mancs page.

    I'm feeling really tired. Decided to have a two week break. Hopefully I will come up with something new later. I'm not even gonna turn on my computer. Cheers.🙃
  2. I decided to make an entry at 6.15 pm. Just my luck, computer froze. No big deal, I will post something on me pictorium when done.
  3. Manc

    Mancs page.

    Thanks @JulioCoolio for your kind comments. Glad you like my stuff. Nothing new in the pipeline soon Too tired, think old age is catching me up.🙂 Cheers.
  4. In the UK and Ireland they're called post boxes. That's where you post your letters. They are not only outside post offices but dotted around every town and city. Letter boxes are the slot in your front door to receive mail. Not done a pic yet. Hopefully by the weekend.🙂
  5. Happy birthday @Cakie67 Hope you have a great day.🙂
  6. Happy Birthday. Hope you have great day.
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