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Welshblue, nice spacing of text and interesting background, but does need a small frame.

Nitenurse, your choice of font, tea candle(?) and the placement of both, looks like it's all slid down.

Welshblue 3

Nitenurse 1

I will enter this:





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Doughty - The border spoils what would have been a clean sig, a little drop shadow on your name (as you have used on the flower ?) would of set it off just right.

Minners71 - The fact that you used a self took picture and the text fading into the sky seals it, great sig, with great lighting ;)

Doughty - 0

Minners71 - 2





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Doughty - Nice font and emblem :) but I have to agree with chimay12321 about the background needing more than one colour - a white/green gradient maybe.

Minners71 - I really like how you have made the sky in your picture look more dramatic, a really nice use of your font too, well made. :)

Doughty - 0

Minners71 - 3

Minners71 Wins.

edited because I forgot to update the score.

Edited by DrewDale



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DrewDale - The metallic bars effect and the "semi engraved" font is awesome, very creative, good colours too. :)

penguin dolphin - Nice try, but I find it to be really distracting, It needs more than a spinning circle IMO. :/

DrewDale - 1

penguin dolphin - 0





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Nihahhat nice glow of green in the background

Noswad I like it but it's ?dour-dark to me

Very dificult choice for me but...


Noswad --0


  Age is only  a number --in my case a Really BIG number, but there you have it

When the prefect paint.net image is created, I will still be wondering "How they Do that?"- sigh☺️


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Nihahhat - nice glow, nice font, nice theme, nice flow :D

Noswad - Nice background :D But the font is a but too... easy

Nihahhat- 3

Noswad- 0

Nihahhat wins!!! :D

I compete any brave challenger with this:


A little ode to science, science is the Universe to me :D

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nitenurse: 1

drewdale: 0

@nitenurse It looks perfect with that background. It's all metal-ly and with the reflection that makes it even more metal-ish. Also I like the 3D. :)

@drewdale It's good, but not that exciting. It's just text on black with a border. I do like that each letter has its own panel though. The shading and background are good too, but I like nitenurse's better. :)

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Am I odd? - yes

Am I a llama? - yes

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NN - 3

DD - 2

I love NN's, the 3d effect is nice. Sadly, that is all I can say.

I like DD's panel and background, but the border just kinda ruins it for me. =(

EDIT 1: Oh look I'm the 1641's person to reply!

EDIT 2: I'm also going to enter a signature to battle.


Edited by penguin dolphin



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