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  1. DrewDale, I love your choice of font and the bars look cool. Penguin's is just... a circle. It looks pretty, but I don't see how it's a sig. DrewDale - 3 penguin dolphin - 0 DrewDale wins! I shall enter mine:
  2. Yeah, um, yellowman's is totally awesome. DrewDale's needs a little bit more to it, especially in the background. yellowman - 2 DrewDale - 0
  3. I don't know how to explain why yellowman's is better, I just love it. It's just so... shiny! Xzerizon's has some nice text, but the rest looks a bit plain. As DrewDale said, the grayscale with isn't very appealing. yellowman - 2 Xzerizon - 0
  4. I really like the simplicity of Rafroller's. DrewDale's is pretty good, too, but I'm not exactly a fan of that background. Rafroller gets my vote. DrewDale - 0 rafroller - 1
  5. Hey everyone, I'm Nihahhat. I jumped in on a Competition a while ago, I probably should've properly introduced myself first. xD I've been using Paint.NET for around 2 years now, if you count the year I spent doing nothing but scribbling with it. I am astounded by the work you members have been pumping out and I hope I can reach that level of proficiency soon! I will do my best to contribute to this forum in some way. I also plan on putting up some sort of a gallery soon. Looking forward to a fun time around here!
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