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  1. Everything that has an animal head as a main part of the signature counts.
  2. I'll need a substitute host for the next three weeks btw, due to me going on a holiday trip. Anyone interested?
  3. I decided on the multiple entries per entrant thing. I don't see any negatives that weigh up to the positives, so don't see a reason to not permit multiple entries per entrant. Furthermore, it was never specifically prohibited in the first place. New rule added: There are multiple entries per entrant allowed.
  4. It's funny that I've never heard of a rule that prohibits the submission of multiple entries per entrant xD I'll look into it
  5. I think I have hosted more complicated themes in the past that had more entries. But it's true I have to postpone the deadline for entries a lot lately, about a year ago 12 or more entries weren't an abnormal thing
  6. Deadline for SOTW#133 gets postponed by a week. Deadline for entries is now: Monday 13th of July
  7. If you make accusations, please at least give me a link to your evidence... And rather do it in private.
  8. How the mistake of posting an unrelevant rhetorical question in the entries thread leads to a pit fight O.o I still don't get what this discussion is about. It certainly isn't about the use of self-made plugins, that discussion is solved. The use of CodeLab is permitted. So has it become some personal fight? I think we all should be able to avoid that since kindergarten, or at least talk it out in a decent time... I agree with EER, "If you're going to argue about the rules - you're taking this far too seriously.", in my carreer as host of this comp I have only suspended one single
  9. Hereby I postpone the deadline for entries in SOTW #131 to give you a bit more time to create all those scary monsters! Deadline for entries postponed to Sunday 7th of June.
  10. And hereby I end this pub brawl. Please do not quarrel because someone may or may not have offended you in this topic. Ask toe_head in private if he meant to offend you if you lay awake at night because of this. I only want comments about the Signature of the Week competition here. Thanks for your understanding.
  11. I think it's right MJW withdrew his entry, but that's because he doesn't really use any fractals, so the entry violates rule nr. 3 (3. Keep to the theme that has been set.). There is not a single other reason his entry should not be allowed. I really do not care if he made fractals using CodeLab or any other such plugin. I think the problem lies with rule nr. 6 (6. Your entry must be made using paint.net, please don't use an outside image editor and try passing it off as PDN work. ). People who think CodeLab doesn't fit within this rule, please read words 9-14 (don't use an OUTSIDE IMAGE
  12. Thank you very much! Indeed, lets say we'll postpone it for a week if there are less than 4 submissions. Also I'd be glad to help you if I'm able to ^^
  13. I'm going to Paris for the weekend, so I won't be able to open the poll for SOTW#129. Any volunteers to host the comp for a weekend?? ^^
  14. Ah, sorry, I'll correct it immediately
  15. SOTW #128 deadline for submissions is postponed to saturday 18th of April.
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