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    Let's say I'm a computer geek :D

    If you wanna tell me something, raphael.gabbay@gmail.com

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  1. I just discovered a program called inkscape, a free alternative to Adobe Illustrator, and it' s awesome!

  2. I love it! Furthermore, I really like spacescapes! Great job to you, Dryda
  3. I' ve been waiting for this tut for so long! Thank you very much yellowman, awesome effect
  4. Sorry for my long absense

  5. Working on a GRafyx website

  6. Thank you, I used to do it with Hue/Saturation but this method gives great results
  7. I loved, really, really loved V for Vendetta. Kick-<Family-friendly forum.> is also a great movie. Another movie I liked is Attack the Block.
  8. I' ll not be there for a month but I' m not leaving at all. Hope you all have great holidays!

  9. Try incredibox.com , it' s awesome!

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