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    Let's say I'm a computer geek :D

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  1. I challenge you with this one: I wanted to do something abstract.
  2. NN79:2 DD:2 Both of them are great sigs but DD's sig contains that sparkle NN's sig doesn' t have IMO.
  3. rafroller

    PJC #8

    Paint Job Contest #7! Competition goal Give the object(s) in the given image a new paint job. Any object in said image is fair game as long as we can see what you did, so if you really wish to give a tree in the background flame decals, that's up to you! PJC Rules • You are NOT allowed to add or remove parts of the photo. As mentioned in the competition goal, you are giving an existing and visible object in the image a new "skin" or "paint job." • Minimum size is 100% of the theme image. (size limit may change between competitions depending on original image size) Submission Rules • No entry should be posted in this thread, you should send me your entry in MP. • Do not post your entries(s) in your gallery or any other gallery until this comp is over! • Do not sign your entry or put any kind of identifiable marker or logo in your image that people will link to you. • You may post your entry on any other website where you are a member (i.e. Deviant Art, PdN Fans Forum, Facebook or any other forum or website, just not on this website until the comp has concluded.) • NO PLACEHOLDERS! Do not send an entry until it is a finished product. NO WIPS (works in progress) ! • No images previously submitted will be allowed. You will have to recolor the picture at the bottom of the post. As I' m the winner of the previous PJC, I chose it. You can post as many entries as you want. Good luck Posting deadline: 11/17/2012 at 17:00
  4. I just discovered a program called inkscape, a free alternative to Adobe Illustrator, and it' s awesome!

  5. RedBeard - 3 PenguinDolphin - 0 I think PD's sig is cool, but RedBeard' s is really, I mean REALLY, awesome! Good job to both of you
  6. I love it! Furthermore, I really like spacescapes! Great job to you, Dryda
  7. penguin dolphin - 1 chimay - 0 I know it can be done easily but I really like the idea of penguindolphin!
  8. So, you' re Jake2k. You probably don' t know me but i have heard of you much so I decided to take a look at your work, and... OMG! You' re one of the best PDN artists I know! Glad to finally meet you Also, yes, I' m interested in these filters. Thank you.
  9. Penguin dolphin - 2 Ella - 3 Ella win! In my opinion, Ella' s sig is original ( makes me think of a keyboard). PG' s sig is good too but missing something for me. Good job Ella. I now enter with this:
  10. I' ve been waiting for this tut for so long! Thank you very much yellowman, awesome effect
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