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  1. posted on a wrong forum, oops, how's everybody?

  2. Yes, many great entries, I think it would be hard to defeat dug's and barbie's. @NN I see you made some sort of neon bird, which is nice, though I was planning on doing something similar as that but I had that tuggiing feeling that I might be copying you. Good thing I saw your creation first before I made that mistake. XD
  3. I tried something a little different. Instead of Text, I used a picture. I hope I didn't copy anyone's idea.
  4. Oh ok, thanks I'm starting to get a few successes here. My only problem is too make it dark enough that a large portion of black still shows and bright enough that it isn't a pale color in the end. This is my result. Seems like purple/violet is a popular color here
  5. I just became familiar with effects and plugins recently (after 3 months of using this program XD ) although I'm confused, I followed the steps (excluding the ones that I had to write my name) and experimented different colors, I can't seem to get mine to look like yours. I cant get it to have some black parts on the orb and I'm stuck with some marble with various textures. What do I do?
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