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Sig Battles

Hosted by: Chrisco97 and csm725

Sig Battles

Originally created by Flow55


Sig battles is where you can enter one of your signatures against someone else's signature. The maximum amount of people that can participate at a time is two, and the first to get three legal votes from other members wins!

To start, make sure a battle is not currently in progress, and then enter a signature. Then someone else will enter with their signature, and the battle will begin! Good luck! Also make sure to read ALL of the rules (below) before entering.


Sig Battle Rules!

Thanks to csm725 and ImAnOwl? for coming up with our rules!


1. The signature must be created/edited in Paint.NET.

2. The signature size cannot be more than 500x200 pixels. (or 200x500 for a vertical signature)

3. If demanded, the sig-maker must link to the render(s) or stock(s) used. (C4D's not included)

s 3a. You must say what parts of your sig are stocks / renders and what parts are 100% PdN.

4. The signature must be linked to in the reply (you can't say, "I enter with my current signature!")

s4a. If you say "I enter with my current sig," and change it during the battle, you are immediately disqualified.

5. If you are a participant in the battle, you cannot vote. If you do, your vote will be ignored.

6. When voting you must say who you are voting for, and at the end of the post show the score.

s6a. You can not vote more than once in a single battle.

7. A sig battle is over when one of the competitors have reached three legal votes.

8. You can't enter a signature more than twice.

9. If for some reason the opponent gets disqualified or quits, you may still use your signature again.

10. Whenever you give someone the winning vote (the third vote), you should tag it, like this:

IAO: 2
Chrisco: 3

Chrisco, your sig has great flow, and the text is awesome!
#winner chrisco97

11. You may have only one battle of only two people running at the same time.

12. You can't simply say "I like yours better" and give the person a vote. This means you can't have a post like this:

CSM: 1
Chrisco: 0

s12a. If you don't have a good reason to vote for someone, then just don't vote. You don't HAVE to post in a thread!

s12b. If you violate Rule 12, the vote does not count.

If you break any of these rules, you will have 24 hours to fix it, or your post will be deleted.


This thread is only for posting a sig and/or voting!

If you want to discuss things about the sig battles, visit the discussion thread located here.

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Polar inversion should not be regarded as something bad. Just check out Oma's work. Its insanely good and she uses polar inversion like a pro.


Weylin: 2

Axle: 3

The sort of HDRI effect in Axle's sig is quite cool, so he gets my vote. Weylin's was too 'hectic' for my liking.

#winner Axle

Merry Christmas


.::.My Gallery.::.Make Gold Text!.::.

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