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Textures/Patterns: Make hair/fur/grass.(Easy)


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Changed the eyes. They're not that good, but I think it's better than the other pic.


Now it looks all sad :cry:


Wow, that's really good olav.k.m :D you should have the little fella copyrighted and make little childrens books out of it or something, great work!

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i just wanted to know what the settings are for the new jitter

the option i have are

max. distance

min. distance




edge behaviour

antialias( tick or no tick)

who can help me? i believe i ahve the newestversion of paint.net and jitter


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with this, i am a little step closer to what i want, but i still don't get far.

I know the copy/past thing, but i don't think that this tric, would help me.

If you know second life, you can make your av bald and make a picture, for that picture

with the bald av, i want to create new hair

for example: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cherieparker/3954935981/

in an other topic i already posted that it might be more handy to have the following

menu's etc for paint.net


or, if you can tell me the right steps, how to put it ON THE AV, that would be wonderfull (again, i do understand the copy past function, i tried, but i don't think that is how it works on an av, to create realistic hair)

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@Ash was a particularly fine artist on this forum. I cut my teeth on his techniques and tutorials.  Sadly he hasn't been around for a while.

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Hey Ash!


This is from 2019, and I must say that your tutorial has certainly helped a Beginning Graphics Designer like make his art. Or at least the Grass in it.




I tried the same technique for the Wolf and the Bunny, but it didn't work out as I had hoped for it to. So I simply went ahead and used Red Ochre's Fur Blue Instead. It isn't as realistic as yours but it was giving me better results with my limited knowledge of rendering realistic stuff.


Link to the Image

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