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  1. Oooooooooh pretty colours I like it!
  2. Its like seamless texture marker except if you dont have 1 big picture to "texturise" It could be pretty useful, Thanks dan9298!
  3. I'm loving that smoke picture. Keep it up!
  4. You cant realy start with an accoustic if you want to play bass though... :?
  5. And so we are snapped back to the reality of life and that things change, good things come and go in our daily activities. For me, Code_Ember was one of those good things, most of us did not actually know him but, though is conversations and helpful comments, came to know what he is like and now that he is gone we still will miss him. RIP Code_Ember
  6. Ahhhhhh how did I not think of that, thank Tanel for the idea and the plugin
  7. OK guys thanks for the fast response. (Oh and although I am not really following the stories of v4.xx but would that change the answer when it is released?)
  8. Ok well after being away for a while I have got A new peice of art (Nobody has found how I did the above mentioned art yet? ) Enjoy and comment
  9. Basically, I love the conditional hue/saturation plugin. However, I sometimes find myself wanting other effects onthe specific areas, so is it possible to have a conditional selection plugin that does the same the conditional H/S but just selects the ares instead of doing anything to them? I hav searched for conditional selection but if somebody has asked this before they may have called it by a different name.
  10. Which would be the death of us all..... ....when you hand out presents and cake when a moderator celebrates their birthday... you also take the day off when Rick has his.
  11. [65] Centaur [70] Dragon [55] Griffin [20] Minotaur [55] Vampire [55] Werewolf Hehe keep it going
  12. Firstly I would like to thank you for the plugin (used it for school ) Secondly I want to know if the flags that you use are stored are are they simply put into a temp folder until you close PDN or something like that. Because if it does not save the flag I might suggest that it does
  13. [60] Centaur [50] Chupacabra [60] Dragon [60] Griffin [45] Mermaid (arent mythical creatures supposed to be scary?) [30] Minotaur [50] Vampire [55] Werewolf
  14. I will presume you like the combanation of red and black? But theres some interesting stuff here... Keep it up
  15. Thanks for the reply Helen. If you mean the one with the black background and yellowy/greeny letters, then yes it says spore and I will do more similar art In connection with the new artwork (assuming it is the one right at the top): When I am bored I open PDN and mess around with effects that I dont often use. If I think its cool, I open a new picture, go back and repeat the steps (by following the history) and take note of them. Unfortunately, I found that tis was very cool and, in my haste to try to repeat it, I managed to close the original one However, I managed to duplicate the effect, but only to a certain point, this is where I got. 1: Render clouds with a high scale and then flames (not fire) with max settings and check "black and white". 2: Polar transformation (rect to polar) with default settings but max scale. 3: Distort -> Keleidoscope with default settings 4: New layer -> Gradient bars with any colours, settings and alignment on 0.65 5: Set blend mode to overlay and duplicate the layer. Now I get to the point where I am not sure how I did it but if somebody could help me and tell how this effect was acheived, it would be much appreciated. 6: Flip vertical and invert colours. 7: Duplicate layer, Rotate 90 degrees and use colour balance with 1 slider on full either way 8: This is repeated 3 or 4 times or something until you have a different colour in each quarter. I hope that helps and that somebody can tell me how I did it.
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