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  1. The best plugin ever, in my opinion. Very handy indeed, I use it almost every time i start up Paint.Net. Great job you did there.
  2. Lol, we were actually supposed to design a creature that could live on another planet. And he was born
  3. Waiting for responses on my Gallery.

  4. And, Sharp, that looks like an awesome starscape tutorial you have there. I'll combine them with one of my planets soon.
  5. Thanks, guys, and I'll make sure to antialias in the future. <EDIT> Done editing, now you guys can have a giant page of mediocre pictures only when you want to.
  6. Lolz. And I'll enter with my current sig, below. FIGHT
  7. Stone - 2 St1cki3 - 3 #Winner St1cki3 I just love the blue colors and simplicity And with that, I enter with my sig:
  8. Hai thar. I'm Remii9512, or more recently known as Intervention (Inter_vention when the first is taken) and I've been in PDN for a while now. I've made some various stuffs, so I decided to finally get some proper feedback on my pictures. By the way, all images have a stict 800x800 limit. Just making you admin/mods' life easier. So, here you go. (And by the way, I'm loving these new emoticons ) CHANGELOG: Hidden Content: 09/26/10: Posted. 09/27/10: Added hidden BBcode stuff. 09/27/10: Added LG Neon ad mockup. Hidden Content: First off, my favorite subje
  9. L3ron: 1 cooltew: 0 L3ron, I like yours. Matrix ftw! The quote is kind of hard to read, though.
  10. Why'd the forums have to be moved? I've lost all my favorites, a page and a half full of valuable tutorials I really needed. Is there a way I can get them back?
  11. Oops! Probably should list that. Thanks!
  12. Following This tutorial, wouldnt is be fantastic to have a Plugin that does that? Frankly, all it does is RGB one layer red and one blue, and shift them a couple pixels to the side. That plugin could have a slider to change how far left or right they go, and maybe a check box to crop the image to the 3-D'd dimensions. W-what? Don't look at me. I can't do it. Can you???
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