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  1. Good for you for bringing to surface the sole purpose of BoltBait’s “Forum Troll” award. It’s not even in good taste, but he sure loves keeping it even after knowing negative consequences it has repeatedly created. Hey, if he likes it, and he’s been running this show since 2005, that’s all that counts, as it’s “all in fun”. BoltBait’s joy, and insistence, on keeping his repeatedly proven controversial “Forum Troll” award (and another one in very poor taste) in use is very telling about his character, and the tone he likes to make sure stays here, “all in fun”, of course. Gotta’ love that “all in fun” card, he keeps repeating. Since it’s all in the family, I’m not sure why big brother BoltBait, and those who are tight with him who will always want to stay in good graces with him, find his form of amusement to be in good taste or an effective way of promoting PDN “friendly” forum growth. I felt kind of bad for forum family member BoltBait when he kept posting and that nobody was interested in taking part in his seemingly endless 'War and Peace' length award ceremony, and how he posted that forum participation was at its lowest. (Hmm…can’t imagine why that is). The sole purpose for that particular award is, in fact, his use of passive aggressive behavior to be hateful, in a way he can try his best to make appear as “all in fun”. Some, certainly not all, just want to be so liked on here, so popular, that they will go along with anything to get along. It’s all in fun, right BoltBait? Still, one can’t help but wonder how many people have you “indirectly” caused to leave the forum, for no real reason other than you and a small handful of others feel they have no use to you or value here….all “in fun”, of course. So, like you say, “It’s all in fun”. For everyone else, I genuinely am glad you all won recognition for your contributions. I clearly have little to nothing useful to contribute. BoltBait, with a few others, went out of their way to make sure I knew that. You really should change the name of your “All in fun” negative award category to “The one we wish would LEAVE BoltBait’s forum because their use of PDN is of no interest to BoltBait and a few others” …..all in fun, of course. Many of you are very talented.
  2. I'm a forum troll because I don't have time to be here on a regular basis? I'm a forum troll because I try to keep up with PDN growth in between life, try to participate when I am around, compliment people on tutorials when I've had the time, took the time to actually log in to thank people for plug-ins, didn't post that I voted to help you publicly but did vote to help you out and PMed it to you after you were bummed out that nobody was participating, helped out and contributed to making nice shapes in the shape gallery, recently participated in a gallery competition, participated by recently creating a gallery, and a few days ago added a few more images to my gallery before no longer having much time to visit? In doing so the people that do come here on a regular or daily basis decided I should be considered a big internet forum troll.
  3. @PixeyLike with @Seerose, I'm glad you shared Red's art page link. I visited it and his work is beautiful. I love his oil paintings the most. We're all different. He's so talented in any medium he touches and the work is absolutely beautiful. His oil paintings are very good. I suggest he get a Youtube following and take it to Patreon to maybe show tutorials and get even more of a rightful fan base. Of course, anyone can learn to play the piano by learning piano lessons, but not everyone will be a concert pianist. Red Ochre is definitely a concert pianist on the canvas and with his oil paints. If it wasn't for you, Pixey, I'd not have known he was such a talented, multi medium artist, at all. I stick with watercolor painting, and usually "loose" style, as it's more forgiving. I found I can use it on a airplane when the flight is too long for my attention span, lol. I used certain means of physical activity and artwork as a positive form of escape to clean rubbish out of my mind after dealing with work that didn't always have the best side of mankind involved in it, which is somewhat how I got more into using Paint.Net, too. One of our kids oil paints, has talent with it and I just admire anyone who can use oil paints and stick with it. Red Ochre mastered it, and in a way that brings beautiful, positive energy in feelings. I love the mood and tone I feel when looking at a lot of Red's oil paintings. I feel safe, peaceful, calm, balance and serenity when looking at his paintings. I feel like I'm with a comfortable long time friend, or the man I love (my husband), having a peaceful, easy day. Some art brings a sense of trauma or darkness. His doesn't. I want to take a blanket, cooler, and climb into his oil painting called "Wild Flower Meadow" and spend a day hanging out there, reading a book or just laying on my tummy with my feet bent up in the air, no shoes on, and just look at how beautiful everything around me is, for hours....maybe nod off and take a nap while listening to the birds. I'd like to walk along the shores of some of his beautiful coastal images. He paints beautiful places a person would love to be at or just relax in. I really like his style. I love a few other of his paintings, toos, but I hope he never stops painting. Good on you for rightfully making his talent better known around here. Someone who paints like that, the style and tone he paints, has to have a beautiful soul.
  4. That was fun!!!! Clearly, @MJWyours was, hands down, the best design and nicest one. That's why you won. 🏆You've got a gift and talent for design. 🎨 @PixeyYou did such a great job hosting this. You really did. I hope you continue to host many more to come. Everyone did such a great job!! So much talent around here.
  5. I just have my cell phone camera now days, which is pretty good. I can do a lot on my phone with the aps or built in features, too. Gotta love the "crop" gadget. I actually did some amateur photography to help get by while working my way through college. I did pretty good with it. I did a couple of weddings and some engagement shoots. I had a Nikon. I still have it, too. I use to go exploring just to get some great photos of nature, landscapes, sometimes people during events or sometimes people during a quiet moment. Any minor touch-ups I do with PDN. It is quick to remove the ever loathing randomly occurring facial zit....or fix only half of a face that got tan, from falling asleep in the sun and the hat kind of fell off of one side. @HyReZ That's a very cool steampunk image you created. Reminds me of that Will Smith and Kevin Kline movie; Wild Wild West.
  6. Very grateful for everything you do. Thank you Rick.
  7. No kidding? I've worked for years with offenders 5 days a week, too. Thank you for making me a better person, for being diligent on the forum, and pointing out important issues that should never be ignored or taken for granted or else the next thing you know everything has gone down hill and it's full blown anarchy and loss of civility.
  8. WOW!! HOLY COW!! @High Resolution!! This is a very useful and INCREDIBLE plugin you created!! I LOVE IT!!! It's also addicting, too!! I work a lot in 300 dpii and you're plugin is absolutely incredible in low or high resolution.Thank you so much for doing this.
  9. That is so fantastic, @G'MIC! I was wondering, and I don't know if you have any say of it, but on the main G'MIC website, for all the downloads of various software, can you also add the download link for Paint.Net on it, as with the listing of the other platforms there are downloads for, if that's possible, when it's up and ready to go? It's not my place, but it can't hurt to just ask, so I did. Regardless, you're so talented and cool!
  10. NICE JOB @toe_head2001!!! This is such an unbelievably useful, cool, and helpful plugin. I've used it often in the past and glad I can start using it more with the update. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!
  11. @lifeday I absolutely LOVE your dog image you created using G'MIC! It really was worth the effort to preserver on to figure it out. You didn't give up. You kept on and kept trying until you got it and it was totally worth it for the end result! Beautiful blending. Your dog is gorgeous. Nico looks a little like a Goldendoodle. Regardless, he's a beautiful dog. That's obvious. I'm glad you did not give up!
  12. Wow! How incredibly cool and gracious that you @G'MICcame to the Paint.Net community to introduce yourself and help with your massively incredible plug-in. So many of us are having such a great time exploring it. Other talented members of the forum have also been working hard at helping us with G'MIC in the Paint.Net community. You @G'MIC created such a wonderful thing for so many software users. I wanted to personally thank you, and thank those here behind the scenes to help it run smoother with Paint.Net, and for the selfless giving of your time, to all of you, even the ones who take the time just to try to help others with a post giving some directional help or creating videos @Pixey that further help resolve confusion.
  13. Great job on the video @Pixey!!! I'm sure many will find that helpful.
  14. Very, very nice plugin. Thank you for taking the time to do this. Much appreciated.
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