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  1. ScrapbookWithPDN

    Brush Factory v1.7 (Dec 8th, 2018)

    OK, I just used Brush Factory again, just now, a bit more extensively. It works really well under 96 dpi settings with the increased brush sizes using hi resolution brushes. No lagging that I noticed. When using Brush Factory in 300dpi settings, it still works nice, no lag issues, but the brush size is still really small. The Jitter tab works great, too. I did notice it's a bit quirky in 300 dpi settings to decrease or increase the size of the canvas, but not much. The mouse scrolling doesn't work in 300 dpi like it does in 96 dpi, and I'm with Toe Head about enlarging and decreasing the canvas that way, because it makes it easy to get it adjusted quickly the way you need it without the canvas slider tab being way too sensitive and quick to make the canvas too big or too small. In 300 dpi settings, having to use the tab thing to change the size of the canvas can drive you a bit nutty. It goes too fast and is too big or too small and the mouse center scroll button no longer works to make the canvas bigger or smaller, at least it didn't for me. HOWEVER, I found a way that does it smoothly. If you click and hold the mouse button down, placing the mouse pointer just to the right of that adjustable slider tab, and slide your mouse pointer NOT directly on the slider tab button itself, you can adjust the canvas smoothly that way. Just don't actually click on and hold the slider tab button itself. If you can make the brushes larger for those using 300 dpi settings (often used for professional printing purposes), since many of mine are hi res brushes, that would be very helpful. Having said that, and I'm not sure about how others use it, but maybe you could create an alternative Hi Res Brush Factory with a much more increased brush size and completely get rid of the "Color" tab at the top, next to the Jitter tab. I found no reason to use it when playing with it. Of course, maybe it's something important to other users, but for me it was not even needed to make sure I get specific colors using the color palette in or out of Brush Factory. I hope this has helped.
  2. ScrapbookWithPDN

    Brush Factory v1.7 (Dec 8th, 2018)

    So, using Joshua's latest 1.7xx version, the changes are awesome. Regarding the color palette, it picked up the color I had my PDN color palette set to, but when I closed Brush Factory, did something to one of my layers, changed my PDN color palette color, the Brush Factory color palette still remained on the previous color I had my PDN palette set to. If the Brush Factory color palette could read my first color from my PDN color palette, can't it be configured to read the next color I changed the PDN color palette to before reopening Brush Factory? If not, can the Brush Factory color palette have an input for the hex code the PDN palette uses? Otherwise, I'll just have to keep a note pad and keep writing down color changes and enter them that way. Thank you both, Johsh and Null54. If that's how it's gotta be, then that's what I'll do. No complaints.
  3. ScrapbookWithPDN

    Brush Factory v1.7 (Dec 8th, 2018)

    UPDATE: UPDATE! The increased brush size, for some reason, didn't take effect right away, but it does now! Oh, MAN!! AWESOME! It's WOW! and no issues. Great job, man! Thank you!
  4. ScrapbookWithPDN

    How to paint Manga/Anime in Paint.NET

    Hi, Pixey, I wanted to thank you for taking the time to make this tutorial and for the pdf file that goes with it. It's cool and fun tutorial. I don't know if you have heard of Jane Davenport, but I like her spin on facial drawings. So, I drew a few of my own. I like regular watercolor but I like the digital watercolor look, too. This had some excellent tips in it for adapting this process to PDN. So I truly appreciate it and I can see from examples others have uploaded that it was very appreciated. No doubt so many made very cool ones from this. I know Manga is extremely popular, and your tutorial is well done, so if you have the time, maybe after the holidays, you should think about making a Youtube video on this one, especially because of the popularity of the subject matter. Some of my relatives and friends LOVE Manga/Anime. They go to conventions. I love Comic Con conventions.
  5. ScrapbookWithPDN

    Brush Factory v1.7 (Dec 8th, 2018)

    Hi, Josh, I just installed the newest version 1.7 xx...I didn't use it on every setting, just the main ones. In case it helps, there was no lagging. If you need the specs for the no big deal Dell I used it on, I can give them to you. If you can increase the brush size even more, that's fine. If not, I understand. I just made a beautiful digital paper using the watercolor brushes, 300dpi setting 12" x 12" (3600 pixels x 3600 pixels...I think). I haven't noticed anything buggy so far, in my limited use. You made an incredible plugin. Thank you.
  6. ScrapbookWithPDN

    Brush Factory v1.7 (Dec 8th, 2018)

    Thank you for increasing the size of the brushes!! (and above all else, for your time) I remember the days when some of the other features of PDN took bit of time...eventually, many of them were able to become faster, for whatever reasons, and one thing I have learned at this forum, for PDN; just because it seems impossible or impractical, doesn't mean it is impossible or impractical, because so many of you smart people have learned there are many ways to skin a cat....and a lot of thinking outside the box. That can work wonders, and has.
  7. ScrapbookWithPDN

    Brush Factory v1.7 (Dec 8th, 2018)

    You guys are living legends.
  8. ScrapbookWithPDN

    Unfinished plugins

    Whatever it is, I bet it's gonna be very cool.
  9. ScrapbookWithPDN

    What music are you listening to?

    Here's another video of the lady in the video just up above, Ms. Joanna Connor, back in 1992. Still makes me speechless that I have never heard of this incredibly talented women. I must have been under a rock.
  10. ScrapbookWithPDN

    What music are you listening to?

    and as far as Ms. Joanna Connor goes, I consider her the reigning QUEEN of guitar/electric/rock playing. She's got an incredible voice, too. I'm so stunned that I've never heard of her. I think she is a lot better than one or two others in her genre that I have heard of, hands down. I would say she was a legend in the 1992 video I later found of her so she's still a legend as far as I'm concerned and just 100% incredibly awesome as a rocker, singer, blues lady....She, rightfully, has played with some of the guy legends of blues. Joanna, if you're out there and you ever read this, YOU BLOW MY MIND!! YOU ARE THE ABSOLUTE VERY BEST FEMALE GUITARIST I HAVE EVER HEARD, and you sing just as supremely, too. You deserve to be a household name.
  11. ScrapbookWithPDN

    What music are you listening to?

    Heard this playing in the background, checked it out, SHE IS AWESOME!!! BLEW MY MIND!
  12. ScrapbookWithPDN

    Brush Factory v1.7 (Dec 8th, 2018)

    Holy Cow! You're a friggin genius! Thank you so much for taking the time to explain this to me. I'll take a screen shot of it.! I'm grateful for your time.
  13. ScrapbookWithPDN

    Palette from Image...

    Thank you SO MUCH, Toe Head. I really appreciate it. I know you're busy....Maybe you should change your name to "The BIG Toe".
  14. ScrapbookWithPDN

    Brush Factory v1.7 (Dec 8th, 2018)

    Hi, Joshua. I used your Brush Factory plugin, version 1502xxxx. I used watercolor brushes. This is a beautiful plugin and I'm so grateful, as I am sure others are, for it. This is because I can still use Paint.Net and not have to deal with more complicated software or software that takes so long to load. It means I can stick with Paint.Net and not have to venture off. I do still use Krita and Krita makes Gimp or Photoshop no longer needed. I use it just for painting some of my scanned drawings. For anything else, at this point, PDN can handle it in 300 dpi. Anyway, Brush Factory is an incredible plugin. The only thing that makes it somewhat difficult is that it actually paints right on the layer you want to have painted. That sounds so dumb, doesn't it? Well, if a layer could be used or created ON TOP OF the layer that is showing (as a guide), that would make the plugin more useful for layering purposes. We have to move the painted layer around or edit that lawyer without touching the layer we are painting on top of, or under. Also, if we can KEEP the colors we selected to use, unless we close Brush Factory, but still keep the same colors even when we change brushes, so we don't have to keep entering or finding a color we just used with a prior brush, or be able to load a color palette, that would help a great deal, especially while working on a project. How it is, when I change a watercolor brush, I have to manually keep entering 3 or 5 different colors codes. I know making such a cool plugin probably takes up too much time in your life, and I honestly have a problem with asking a plugin creator if they can change or add to it, since it was a free gift and sacrifice of your time, to begin with, but, if ever one day or evening, if that's even possible to do, I know many would be grateful. I have a PDN tutorial website for a large group of digital scrapbook and digital painters (and similar related digital imaging projects). They only use one or two of the other softwares. Many have laughed at PDN or not even heard of it. Some are really impressed with it after finding out about it. For a certain niche of people doing a particular common function, within that world of people, PDN is equally as good, less steps to do it, and easier to learn how to use than what they use or what they are trying to learn how to use. With the brushes of your Brush Factory plugin, the brush work itself is impressive, but if Brush Factory could be used in a more practical way that would help even more. I hope I don't sound rude. I'm not intending to. I just thought I would ask. Maybe this has come up thousands of times and you're sick of it. If so, I'm sorry. It takes a great deal of time to try to read everything at this forum. Sometimes I miss things but I try. This will be one of the plugins I dedicate a page to if it can function just a bit more practically, for this fairly large niche of users, if that's possible and I am willing to show them how to use it for that area, in between life, but I'm pretty good at micromanaging my weekly schedule and periodically dealing with sleep deprivation. I also know there is a possibility that what I am hoping for is not even possible to comply with PDN structuring. So, I understand that, too. Thank you, Joshua. You created a cool and useful plugin, regardless.